Will the Luol Deng trade turn out a disaster for the Cavaliers?

Luol DengWill the Luol Deng trade turn out to be a disaster for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

There is no doubt that the Cleveland Cavaliers saw a major upgrade in their perimeter with the addition of Luol Deng. His arrival was big news for all the fans in Cleveland. Deng is the best small forward the team had since the LeBron James era. In addition, the 28-year All-Star is a type of player that can greatly fit with the “face of the franchise,” Kyrie Irving. Nonetheless, is he a long-term solution for the Cavs or could he turn out to be a short-term disaster? Let me explain.

The way the Cleveland Cavaliers handled Andrew Bynum’s trade shouted that the team is desperate. Of course, with the course the team is recording this season, that’s rational. Cleveland currently holds a 12-23 record but lies just two games behind the eighth seed which leads to the playoffs. This means that the Cavs desperately wanted to save the season and they pushed hard to do so.

Normally, the Chicago Bulls should have been in a desperation mode. After an entire season with Derrick Rose out and heading all the way for another dumped season, the Bulls had almost no guarantees to retain Luol Deng in their arsenal. Multiple reports evens stated that Deng and the Bulls failed to negotiate an extension. There was no other team than the Cleveland Cavaliers that could offer such a big salary dump through the Andrew Bynum trade. The Cavs clearly had the upper hand but didn’t exploit it the best way possible.

Of course, Cleveland will see a big boost in its performance with Luol Deng onboard. On both ends of the floor, Deng will be provide significant help to the team. Up to now in the season, the 6’9” Duke product averages 19.0 points, 6.9 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game, numbers that the Cavs lacked from any of their players except for Kyrie Irving.

Nonetheless, there is absolutely no guarantee Luol Deng will decide to stay in Cleveland this summer. The Cavs, of course, can offer him a contract extension up to three years and worth $50 million. But until that extension is signed, chances are Deng becomes an unrestricted free-agent and he starts exploring the market.

On top of that, as a part of the deal, the Chicago Bulls acquired a top-12 protected first-round pick from the Cavaliers this year, which is projected to have big value. In addition, the Cavaliers gave the Bulls the right to swap first-round picks in 2015, as far as Cleveland’s pick isn’t within the lottery. Plus the Cavs also gave away two second-round picks.

It’s becoming now clear that the price the Cavaliers had to pay for a player they could have signed during the summer free-agency is high. Luol Deng refused to sign a three-year $30 million contract with the Bulls, so it’s most likely he will demand higher earnings from the Cavaliers, too. Can this be considered a good value for money? Can this trade be considered a good one for the Cavs? It’s very doubtful.

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  1. I don't know where to begin to breakdown how awful this blog is. Their is no way possible that an individual should view this trade in a negative light from a Cleveland standpoint. They traded away a player who isn't the same player that he was two years ago. He was causing issue with the team. They PERFECTLY set up Bynum's contract for the ability to do something like this. Bynum's future wasn't with Cleveland anyway, it was an experiment. They in turn picked up a player that they wanted on their roster (even if it's for half a season) plus some low value draft picks. The author doesn't even realize that the 1st round pick was Sacramento's pick (which has been heavily protected). The pick is top 12 protected this year and top 10 protected next year, after that it will turn into a second round pick. Where in the world do you think the Kings will be drafting this summer? In the top ten because they are horrible. Cleveland basically traded Bynum and three second round picks for Deng. If he doesn't resign who really cares because they kind of traded a temp player for a temp player.

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