Washington Wizards interested in Greg Monroe

Greg MonroeWashington Wizards interested in Greg Monroe

Trade rumors have been soaring all around the league and they are heating up as the trade deadline comes closer. The Detroit Pistons have been involved in a bunch of them, with some of them revolving around the recently-acquired Josh Smith. As of recently, another big man of the team is rumored to draw interest. The 23-year old Greg Monroe is reportedly target by the Washington Wizards.

Of course, it’s still uncertain if the Pistons have decided to move one of their members of their starting frontcourt. The certain fact is that the experiment with three big men in the frontline has failed. It’s as simple as that. Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond and Josh Smith can’t co-exist in the starting lineup.

As a matter of fact, there was much enthusiasm in Detroit when the team announced the signing of Smith this summer. Although Smith has been delivering for Detroit –he is currently the team’s second leading scorer – it’s clear that the Pistons need a change. Their ninth seed in the weak Eastern Conference and their 17-27 record clearly exposes that.

Due to the Pistons’ struggles, a lot of rumors around a potential big-man move have come to surface. The most probable scenario wants Josh Smith being switched to the power forward spot. This means one of his fellow big-men, Monroe or Drummond will be shown the way out. It’s widely considered that Josh Smith can be much more productive and efficient when playing the power forward position. At least that’s the role he found success with in his former team, the Atlanta Hawks.

Now, the Washington Wizards might not actually need a center this season but they could certainly use a player like Monroe going forward and heading into the 2014-2015 season. Marcin Gortat is currently the starting center of the team and since the Wizards acquired him through a trade with the Phoenix Suns, they have seen an upgrade. Nonetheless, Gortat’s contract is expiring this summer. The 7-footer center will be able to hit the free-agency and the Wizards will have to take a decision. Will they stick with him or seek for an upgrade?

The rational decision is to try and pursue Monroe, who is much younger, emerging and almost as good a player as Gortat. Washington will still have to offer a relatively big contract to Greg Monroe, around $10 million annually. That would be the contract Gortat would most probably request, too. Nonetheless, the Wizards would most probably get much more value of a Monroe signing.

Washington could even seek for a trade with Detroit. Nonetheless, apart from Otto Porter, the Wizards don’t have much to offer. The Pistons will certainly set the price high in order to give away Greg Monroe. They could even request for Bradley Beal. Nonetheless, it will be almost impossible for the Wizards to ship away their young, emerging guard. The most probable way for such a deal to occur is through a three-team deal.

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