NBA Trade Rumors: Tyson Chandler for Russell Westbrook?

Russell WestbrookNBA Trade Rumors: Tyson Chandler for Russell Westbrook?

Another rumor that has made the headlines of some NBA media wants New York Knicks’ center Tyson Chandler being involved in a trade for Russell Westbrook. The rumor states that such a trade would benefit both sides, since the Knicks do need a significant upgrade in their point guard position and the Oklahoma City Thunder have a weakness in their center spot.

Of course, those two statements are correct. New York certainly lacks of a superstar point guard like Westbrook. Raymond Felton is a solid point guard, who can produce some offense but it’s obvious that he can’t do much more than that. In addition, Felton, along with the rest of the Knicks’ point guards remained sidelined for extended periods of this season due to injuries.

A Westbrook – Carmelo Anthony duo would instantly put the team to a whole new level. In addition, if J.R. Smith eventually finds his good self and continues to play at his usual standards, New York would have one of the best offensive trios in their perimeter. At least on the offensive end, that trio seems to be unstoppable.

On top of that, the Oklahoma City Thunder certainly need an upgrade in their center spot. Kendrick Perkins is not a player OKC can rely on. Since the Thunder acquired him he has failed to meet the expectations the team had for him. Instead, he now is one of the biggest headaches for the team and its Head Coach Scott Brooks.

A potential addition of Tyson Chandler would give a significant defensive boost for OKC inside, while at the same time the Thunder would also add versatility and quickness in their front line. Chandler seems to be a good fit alongside Serge Ibaka, who is gradually emerging as a reliable third piece behind Westbrook and Kevin Durant.

Finally, the Thunder do have a guy named Reggie Jackson, who has proven he can defend the starting point guard role with excellence. That’s at least what he has been doing during the time Westbrook is out with injuries. So, even if the Thunder traded away Westbrook to acquire Chandler, they will have a reliable solution at the point guard spot.

Nonetheless, such a trade is very unlikely to happen, almost impossible. There are zero chances the Oklahoma City Thunder would allow their dominant, 25-year old superstar point guard go. Westbrook is just entering his prime and he is one of the two centerpieces for this Thunder team. He has already built a great chemistry with Kevin Durant and the two of them have managed to keep the team at the highest level of the NBA, even if they still haven’t won a ring.

The Knicks would be the ones to benefit mostly from this deal, but at present, it seems more like a dream scenario for them rather than something close to reality. Chandler is certainly a good player but he is nowhere near as good as Westbrook is.

3 Responsesto “NBA Trade Rumors: Tyson Chandler for Russell Westbrook?”

  1. Then why talk about it? That's dumb. Talk about some real scenarios, please!

  2. As a Knicks fan, I would love this. Just no way OKC does it.) No chance!!!!

  3. Tyson Chandler and first round draft picks for the next 3-4 years maybe

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