Top 5 Destinations for Kyrie Irving in 2016

Kyrie Irving (1)Top 5 Destinations for Kyrie Irving by 2016?

The 2013-2014 season for the Cleveland Cavaliers was another disappointing season. They ended the regular season at 33-49, which was only good enough for the 10th spot in the Eastern Conference. They missed the playoffs yet again and have yet more bad news on their plate, concerning Kyrie Irving.

This summer, the Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to offer Kyrie Irving a max contract, which will be his first big signing since he is still on his rookie contract. The promising young stud has the decision to either take the max contract by the Cavs or decline it and enter the trade market. Although he has publicly stated he wants to stay with the Cavs, who knows how truthful he is being. One thing is for sure, if he does decide to decline the Cavs’ offer and force a trade, Cleveland will want max value for the 2 time All Star who is only 21. Let’s take a look at some possible landing grounds for the young point guard.

Utah Jazz

Here’s a scenario. Utah Jazz get rid of Trey Burke and Enes Kanter, while Cleveland deals Kyrie Irving. Good look for both sides.

This is an incredibly fair trade for each team, as the Cavaliers would be trading their star player, but they would be trading for 2 potential young All Stars. Trey Burke has been the 2nd or 3rd best rookie this season and he has proven in a short time that he is a franchise point guard, whether with the Jazz or somewhere else. He doesn’t have the talent or upside of Irving, but he is an excellent leader, a very strong scorer and a better distributor than Irving. As for Enes Kanter, the Jazz have moved Derrick Favors to center and Enes Kanter isn’t getting the minutes he deserves. He is a very talented rebounder and post scorer and if given minutes, he can be a star center and the Cavs need a go-to big man on offense.

As for the Jazz, they would be receiving a superstar that they can build around and he would go very well with Favors and Gordon Hayward if they choose to resign him. Hayward would move to a more natural 2nd offensive role, but could help Irving with running the offense, as he is averaging over 5 assists per game for the Jazz, which is very impressive for a perimeter player.

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles is a destination that Kyrie Irving has actually said he would like to play if he ever left Cleveland. However, in order to get a top three pick, the Lakers would have to have some lottery magic. (Cavs would want a top three pick for Irving) How does a trade like this look? Cleveland gets a sign and traded Jordan Farmar, a sign and traded Jordan Hill, the Lakers’ No. 1 pick and the Lakers would get a young All-Star point guard to build around. However, this does seem unlikely because Cleveland could possibly want more than what L.A. has to offer.

Los Angeles has had a very tough year and would benefit ideally with Kyrie Irving aboard. They were the second worst team in the Western Conference, which is the opposite of how they usually look on the standings board. They only had 27 wins all season, leading to 55 losses. It was pretty much their worst season as a franchise. Nick Young and Pau Gasol would work well with Kyrie Irving and if Kobe Bryant is ever healthy again, they would make a dominant two-man punch. The Los Angeles Lakers could be closer to a championship than anyone thinks.

Boston Celtics

Another possible destination for Kyrie Irving to land in is the Boston Celtics. The Boston Celtics have two first round draft picks in the top 15 right now. Would two first rounders, Jeff Green and Jarred Sullinger work for Kyrie? I think it would work well in both teams favors, with Boston becoming a power house in the East once again. Just imagine the magic head coach Brad Stevens could do to maximize Kyrie’s effectiveness. Not forgetting to mention, a Rajon Rondo/Kyrie Irving back-court would destroy teams in transition. Also, Jeff Green is a model of inefficiency. Cleveland would really have to love those draft picks.

The Boston Celtics had a worse season than the Lakers did, finishing with 25 wins and 57 losses. They ranked 22nd in assists per game, 26th in points per game and 18th in rebounds per game. They stoold two spots behind the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference, missing the playoffs. Adding Kyrie Irving would most likely bring them some wins next year and would definitely bring the fan support back with added excitement for the fans.

Houston Rockets

Houston is another possible new home for Cleveland’s All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving. How would this sound for Cleveland? Omer Asik, Chandler Parsons and some draft picks? That could be intriguing. Just imagine watching an Irving/James Harden back court scoring 50 points per game. That would be lethal and add Dwight Howard down low, there you have the next “Big Three” who promise to bring home championships and what-not.

It would be a great addition to a team that has already made the playoffs without him. They don’t necessarily “need’’ Irving, but they could do it if they want to stir up some drama and be a team to watch out for in the West.

Cleveland Cavaliers

I would say that Kyrie Irving staying in Cleveland is the most possible scenario for the point guard. I say he signs a max contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers which would lock him up for the next five years, and if they don’t improve in those five years, then Irving leaves just like LeBron James did a couple years ago. Yes, it is still possible that he denies it, but I say that it is more likely of him to sign it and stick with what he has said all season. There will no doubt be a lot of drama this offseason and he will be one of the players with all the eyes on him.

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