Top 5 Destinations for Carmelo Anthony This Offseason

Carmelo AnthonyTop 5 Destinations for Carmelo Anthony This Offseason

It’s become very obvious now that Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks can become a free agent at the end of the season. Everyone knows that by now. Having the early-termination option on his contract, he could opt out and hit the market during the offseason. He would be looking to sign another max contract that would keep him at the top of the leaderboard of highest NBA salaries.

The big question with him, though, is where he would go should he opt out. Being the superstar that he is, he would have a lot of options under his belt. Although few teams would have the cap space to sign him, they know that all ‘Melo wants is to win. So, he will be looking at the top contenders for the title when choosing his next home.

That being said, it is possible that he takes a minor pay-cut to his contract in exchange for a chance at putting a ring on his finger. He has a lot to offer any team and has been involved in some rumors already. Let’s take a look at the top potential landing spots for the reigning scoring champion.

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have made a huge effort to convince Anthony to join their team, two players in particular. During All-Star weekend, Bulls center Joakim Noah approached Anthony. He reportedly told him that he could sign with Los Angeles, but if he wants to win a championship then he should come to Chicago. Anthony, allegedly, answered that he loves the way the Bulls play and that Derrick Rose is his son’s favorite player.

Although his presence would make Chicago a huge threat to the rest of the league, he would be banking on Derrick Rose being injury-free and completely healthy. Also, there would be one more problem here. That being he would not be a great fit in Tom Thibodeau’s defensive-minded mold. Anthony has never been a fan of the whole defense thing and it would cause a lot of problems with Coach.

Chicago would be a fantasy champion team if they could add Anthony. Whether that will happen or not is up to what Anthony decides. There would be a lot of issues if he chooses the Bulls, but it would give him that chance to win again.

New York Knicks

All the talk of Anthony moving has really made the talk of him staying in New York disappear. The thing is, the chances of him staying remain a possibility. Anthony loves New York and wants to play for them. He’s just sick of losing. In order to stay, he would need to see some improvement and some willingness to want to win.

Carmelo Anthony would make more money with the Knicks than with any other team. He played for Syracuse University, loves the city and wants to play in the Big Apple. The signing of a really good coach could sway his decision in favor of New York. He would be forcing himself into more rebuilding and frustration for him, but it might be what he wants.

He has experienced a lot of individual success as a Knickerbocker. The losing would hurt his chances at a ring, but the money could be the motive in this case.

Los Angeles Lakers

Seeing Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony suiting up in the same jersey would be pretty crazy, right? You would think that would be dominant, but at the same time you would think it would cause a lot of problems as far as ball control. They would most likely fight over who gets the ball and who takes the last shot in the game.

With that being said, Carmelo would only have to deal with that for potentially two more years until Kobe decides to retire. After that, the Los Angeles Lakers would become Anthony’s team and with a lot of good prospects would make them a contender again.

In the meantime, there is the possibility that the two dynamic scorers joining hands would be a huge success. In that case, Anthony would have a huge opportunity to get his championship. Los Angeles brings a lot of appeal from a player’s point of view and would be an honor for anyone to wear purple and gold. It’s a possibility for ‘Melo to join the Lakers.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Lakers aren’t the only LA team that Anthony could suit up for. The Los Angeles Clippers have emerged as one of the favorites ever since Christmas. Although they would love to add him, it wouldn’t come without any difficulties.

The Clippers already find themselves well over the salary cap for next season. The only way that would happen is through a sign-and-trade deal. That means James Dolan would have to part ways with Anthony, which the New York head honcho wouldn’t let happen. On the other side, the Clippers would have to get rid of a key asset, which would pull them back a little.

All that set aside, it would be a great fit for Anthony, playing beside Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. They would have a lot of offensive firepower and be unstoppable to the league. That’s the most important thing here, especially for Carmelo Anthony.

Phoenix Suns

Anthony moving to Phoenix seems to be the perfect situation so far. It seems like the only thing Phoenix needs right now is a veteran all-star. They have a lot of rising superstars and a very young team. He would get a chance to play beside Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe and Gerald Green would make a dominant quartet. Bledsoe and Dragic are great at driving to the basket, but no one on the team has the ability to find a shot from mid-range and three-point range like Anthony does.

The best thing Phoenix hast to offer Anthony is the fact that he would be the face of the franchise. He would be the clear number one guy. They would become hard to stop, especially seeing how well Phoenix has played this season compared to their pre-season predictions.

If Carmelo Anthony can get over the whole playing for a large market team and focus on how well he’d fit with a team, he could very easily find himself playing for the Suns next season.

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