LeBron James

Will LeBron James win another NBA Championship?

Will LeBron James win another NBA Championship?

LeBron JamesWill LeBron James win another NBA Championship?

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love – if you got those three superstar athletes at your roster, it’s quite right to expect them to win a championship together.  But according to some analysts and experts, it might not be the right season for the Cleveland Cavaliers to win a championship. It might not be the right time yet for LeBron James to get his third championship ring.

Here are some reasons why the Cavs and LBJ won’t win the NBA Championship of this season.

Team Chemistry

It will take more than just one season or few days of practice for the Cavs roster to play in harmony. It will take time for the likes of Irving and Love to accept their new role as second option.  It will take time for them to accept the fact that they will become the backup of LeBron.

The newest acquisitions – Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith and Timofey Mozgov also need some time to fully grasp their new roles.  Although they already played a lot of ball in the NBA, playing alongside with three superstars are quite new for them.

Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks and Washington Wizards

Bulls play really well this season. With the addition of Pau Gasol, they are a stronger contender than last season. If Derrick Rose can stay healthy, they are highly favored to win the Eastern Conference championship.

The Hawks are leading the East in terms of number of wins this season. Very few expected them to play this good.  With their 14 winning streak, you know that what they did and still doing is not a fluke. Although they only have one All-Star player at their roster in Al Horford, this team is a force to be reckon with.

The Wizards are also a strong contender in the East. With the addition of Paul Pierce, you know this team is aiming high for that championship.

Head Coach David Blatt

David Blatt is one heck of a talented coach. He is a 4-time Israeli League coach of the year, 6-time Israeli Cup champion, Euroleague Champion and a recipient of Euroleague coach of the year award in 2014. But Blatt has done these great things outside the USA.  There are a lot of adjustments he must do to replicate his success in the NBA. He surely needs more than one season to make this team work together. And oh, he needs more than one season to earn the full respect and support of LBJ.


Defense is the Cavs’ weakness. This is the reason why they opted to get the services of Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith and Timofey Mozgov. But these three players are newcomers. They will need a lot of catching up to do in terms of executing the team’s defensive plays.

Personally, I think LeBron James won’t win another NBA Championship at least for this season. Just like what happened at his first year with the Miami Heat he might and he will fall short.

SOURCES: Miami Heat Interested In Jeremy Lin

SOURCES: Miami Heat Interested In Jeremy Lin

Jeremy LinSOURCES: Miami Heat Interested In Jeremy Lin

The Miami Heat is not the same strong contending team we know after LeBron James decided to leave South Beach. The team is struggling a lot especially on the offensive side of the court. Although the 33 year old Dwyane Wade still averages above 20 points per game this season, they still fail to register big consecutive wins this season.

The Heat’s main weakness right now is ball distribution.  As of this date, Miami is ranked 27th in terms of assists per game. It talks so much about the lack of play-making talent and skills of their current point guards. Mario Chalmers seems to continue to struggle and he’s been struggling since the start of 2014 championship series against the San Antonio Spurs. Norris Cole is also not that quite impressive in terms of executing plays for the team.

You might say that they are also the point guards available when LeBron James is still with the team. They are the same backcourt when they won two championships. The only difference during those times is that, LBJ oftentimes plays as a PG. He was the one who usually take over when their PGs are having a bad night. And now that he is gone, the Heat finally realizes what they lack.

Although they already have rookie sensation Shabazz Napier at their line-up, it seems like he is not that ready yet to take over the role. For many, he still needs to learn a lot and for now he must be given a backup role.

The Heat is now reportedly having some talks and meetings about the possibility of acquiring another point guard. Cole will become a restricted free agent next season and he could become a good trade chip. According to an article posted at Inquistr, Miami is keeping their eye at the Asian sensation – Jeremy Lin.

Lin is not having a great season with the Los Angeles Lakers. In fact, head coach Byron Scott pulled him out from the starting lineup in favor of a veteran point guard. Now that his minutes are gone, the Lakers could possibly trade him up.

Lin’s offensive production suffered a lot. From being an instant sensation with the New York Knicks, it seems like he is finding a hard time making a name with the other teams. His stint with the Houston Rockets is also not that successful. With the Lakers, his career really goes down hard. But there is one thing that Lin could positively bring to the South Beach despite the past struggles he had – his play making and ball distribution ability.

Lin is leading the Lakers in terms of assists despite the few minutes he had this season. Although his points per game really suffered a lot, his number of assists remains impressive. This is the reason why Miami Heat is reportedly keeping their eye on the 26-year old point guard.

With his $8M expiring contract after this season, Lin remains a target for Miami Heat despite his struggles with the past few teams he joined.

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