Derrick Rose: Superstar that led Chicago Bulls to ultimate “success”

Derrick RoseDerrick Rose – The superstar that led Chicago Bulls to ultimate “success”

NBA is a star-driven sports. Franchises expect from their superstars to lead them all the way to success. The Chicago Bulls are no exception. After the Golden era of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, the legendary franchise finally found its next leader. His name is Derrick Rose.

The first overall pick of the 2008 NBA Draft came to Chicago and instantly changed the dynamics of the team. And on top of that, during the past couple of seasons, Rose has been a major part in the Chicago Bulls’ success.

For a superstar who is just entering his prime, there is nothing better than to miss an entire season and deciding not to make a comeback when it matters the most, during the playoffs, even if he has the opportunity to do so. What if the medical staff approved Rose’s basketball activities and later on his participation to an NBA game last season? He wisely chose to stay out of the playoffs so that he would be at his 100 percent this season.

Of course, it didn’t matter that the Bulls stood good chances of matching up against their rivals, the Miami Heat? What if every fan in Chicago wanted to see his favorite team take revenge for a devastating elimination a couple of seasons back, when the Miami Heat won the Conference Finals 4-1?

Derrick Rose didn’t seem to care too much. He had a target. To be ready to participate into the 2013-2014 and make the difference. He wanted to lead the Chicago Bulls to their ultimate goal, to win the championship. A little more than two months the Bulls are still focused on their target.

After missing any basketball action for a year and a half, Derrick Rose came back and appeared in the bunch of 10 games during the 2013-2014 season. And he certainly was at his 100 percent.

The 25-year old (non-shining) superstar averaged 15.9 points, 4.3 assists and 3.4 turnovers per contest before suffering another season-ending injury. He also shot an astonishing 35 percent from the field.

This time it was his right meniscus that caused him to go down and leave Chicago Bulls fans waiting for yet another year before they get a chance to see their team being competitive again. That is, if the Chicago Bulls manage to be as competitive as they were a few seasons ago, after Derrick Rose returns.

Because guess what. Luol Deng is no longer with the team.

So what has Derrick Rose managed to do during the last three seasons? Where does the leader of this legendary franchise lead it?

If a below .500 record in the season and almost zero chances to win the championship is what every Bulls fan dreamt of, then Rose has led the team to ultimate success.

Now, the Chicago Bulls will have to try and rebuild around him, hoping that he doesn’t go down with yet another injury once he gets back up and running.

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