The Sacramento Kings could land Andre Miller

Andre MillerThe Sacramento Kings could land Andre Miller

The Denver Nuggets have made it clear that they are shopping their veteran point guard Andre Miller. Nonetheless, no deal has been sealed up to now and in fact, the Nuggets have not even got close to reaching an agreement with a team. At the moment, the Sacramento Kings seem to be the team which stands the most chances to land Miller.

Sacramento has already expressed its interest in acquiring the 37-year old point guard. In fact, the Kings were one of the first teams to show their eagerness in acquiring Miller since the time he was firstly made available. However, the players Sacramento is reportedly willing to five away for this trade don’t really intrigue Denver’s interest.

At present, we are just three days away of the February 20 trade deadline and the Nuggets are clearly seeing that the window is vastly closing. The team desperately needs of a solution at its backup point guard position and if they don’t find a trade for Andre Miller, they might have to bring him back. Miller has not played a single game a matchup against the Miami Heat, December 30. As the latest reports state, the Nuggets are considering bringing him back, if they don’t find a way to trade him away. This seems to be the easiest solution for the team and the quickest way to fill the whole at the point guard position.

The Nuggets’ Head Coach, Brian Shaw, reportedly had a rift in his relationship with Miller, which further made diminished Miller’s role in the team’s rotation. The Nuggets made it clear that they won’t include him in their plans for the future.

The Sacramento Kings reportedly offered Jimmer Fredette or Marcus Thornton in exchange for Andre Miller and this could be a deal Denver would be very interested in. Fredette is a young, emerging player, who can handle the backup point guard role with ease. He is a terrific three-point shooter and under a new coach, in a new environment, he could start showcasing his true value. Marcus Thornton on the other hand is a proven veteran who has been consistently delivering for his career. Although his performances don’t make jaws drop, he can be a nice fit for the Nuggets’ backcourt. Denver certainly needs an upgrade at its guards’ position and Marcus Thornton could be a nice piece in the rotation.

The Kings, on the other hand, could happily use a veteran, experienced guard like Andre Miller. Sacramento is a team which is not accustomed to playing with discipline. In fact, the Kings do have lots of talent in-house but they haven’t managed to make all their pieces work in sync. Andre Miller is projected to bring this extra ingredient in the mix, which is needed to make the talent the Kings possess work in an effective and productive way.

During the three days left until the trade deadline, we can certainly expect lots of movement from lots of teams around the league, as it usually happens in the NBA at this time of the season.

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