REPORT: Sacramento Kings are interested in Klay Thompson

Sacramento KingsThe Sacramento Kings are interested in Klay Thompson

The Sacramento Kings have been one of the most active teams in the entire NBA as of lately. After initiating a trade that brought star forward Rudy Gay to Sacramento, it appears that the team’s management staff wants to continue and seek for ways to make the Kings more competitive in the near future. The latest reports state that Sacramento is continuing to search for players-targets and one of the biggest ones is Golden State Warriors’ sharpshooter Klay Thompson.

The Kings are expected to be on their toes during this one month that is left till the trade deadline window closes on February 20. The team’s general manager Pete D’Alessandro is eyeing multiple targets at the moment, but Klay Thompson seems to be one of his biggest desires.

Apparently, the 23-year old Thompson gives lots of reasons for the Kings to have him on their wish list. First of all, he is a young emerging star. His performance is improving day to day and season to season. He has the body of a small forward but he can also play at the point guard and shooting guard position with ease. His shooting is getting better and better. In fact, this season, Thompson and Stephen Curry are considered as the best-shooting backcourt in the entire NBA.

Klay Thompson has exploded this season for 19.5 points, almost four more than his career average. His 3.3 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.1 steals don’t make jaws drop. However, his 46.0 percent shooting from the field and 42.0 percent from downtown do. Thompson has a super-fast release in his shot and he needs to be left open for fractions of a second in order to fire a three. Of course, when he finds himself open in the perimeter, the outcome is almost certain, three points added to the Golden State Warriors’ stash.

Thompson will be a restricted free-agent this summer and of course the Warriors are not letting him walk away that easily. They are expected to aggressively match any offer that will be thrown on the table for him, as long as it’s within rational levels. This means the Kings will have to spend much if they really want to add him to their arsenal. And even then, it might not be easy for them to land him.

The sure thing is that even if the Kings manage to acquire Klay Thompson, this move won’t come that cheap. That’s why, Pete D’Alessandro has reportedly other targets on his sight, too. One of them is the veteran guard Andre Miller. The Denver Nuggets reportedly have interest in shopping him and he might be a good fit for the Kings.

No matter the outcome of this specific transaction, the certain thing is that the Sacramento Kings will continue to be aggressive and pursue a better course for their franchise. They constantly explore the market and they are always ready to make their move.

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