Potential deals for Andrew Bynum

Andrew BynumPotential deals for Andrew Bynum

After less than half a year since arriving in Cleveland, Andrew Bynum is set to depart and part ways with Cleveland Cavaliers. The team announced a few days ago that Bynum will be suspended indefinitely due to conduct detrimental and the Cavs are now searching for the best ways to trade him away. Let’s see some of the top potential deals that would include him. The Cavs will need to decide what to do with their 7-footer center till January 7, otherwise they will have to pick up his full contract for the season.

Miami Heat

It’s widely known that the Miami lack a dominant inside presence. Could Bynum be that guy for LeBron James and Co.? The Heat are currently developing Greg Oden, but there is no indication he will actually be able to contribute. There are some huge questions regarding Bynum’s ability and will to inherit the Miami Heat culture.

Los Angeles Clippers

Yes, sure DeAndre Jordan is improving. But his far from become the third member of what Doc Rivers called the Clips’ Big Three. LA would happily use an upgrade at center. Bynum would instantly upgrade the team’s frontcourt.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors lost Jermaine O’Neal when he sustained a wrist injury and underwent surgery. He will most probably be out for the season. So shall they acquire Andrew Bynum, they will use him together with Andrew Bogut at the center spot. It seems like a working scheme, given that neither of the two starts to suffer one injury after another.

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks are rumored to be one of the strongest contenders for Bynum. With Al Horford out indefinitely, the Hawks are in desperate need of size and bulk inside and Bynum looks like a good fit. The team has the quality to make a solid course into the postseason and Bynum would add to it.

Houston RocketsAndrew Bynum

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the best two former Los Angeles Lakers centers played together in Houston this season? No matter how it sounds, this might be more of a reality than science fiction. The Rockets are shopping Omer Asik, who would just make sense in Cleveland and the Rockets could experiment with Bynum, hoping to motivate him to play at the level he is capable of.

Boston Celtics

The C’s are another team that is considered to be a strong suitor of Bynum. The Celtics could send Kris Humphries and his $12 million contract to Cleveland and add a center with lots of potential.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls need to shake things up and they could end up giving away Luol Deng in exchange for Bynum and Dion Waiters. Cleveland is reportedly considering moving Waiters and the addition of a player like Luol Deng is considered as a good enough reason for this deal to happen.

Dallas Mavericks

This looks like a far-fetched scenario, but the Mavs could switch DeJuan Blair at center, acquire Bynum while sending away Samuel Dalembert, Vince Carter and Wayne Ellington. Hopefully, such a deal benefits both sides.

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  1. Kyle Hull says:

    I think the Dallas mavericks trade with the cavaliers could possibly happen. I also like the Chicago bulls trade with the cavaliers. That trade would really benefit both sides. The cabs would have a scorer at small forward to help kyrie Irving out.

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