The Phoenix Suns are shopping their first-round draft picks

Phoenix SunsThe Phoenix Suns are shopping their first-round draft picks

The Phoenix Suns have let the league know that they are willing to shop their first-round picks of the loaded 2014 NBA Draft. In exchange they want a star player and their goal is obvious, they want to contend this season.

The Suns have been playing surprisingly well in the West. The team was supposed to be sinking this season, after getting involved in a bunch of trades and significant moves during the summer. Apart from the acquisition of Eric Bledsoe, who quickly emerged as the leading scorer for Phoenix, the Suns shook up their roster, getting rid of players that seemed to hold the team back.

Now, Phoenix holds four draft picks in the 2014 Draft. The Suns have their own first-rounder but they will also get the first-round pick from the Minnesota Timberwolves, which is top-13-protected. The Washington Wizards also owe their first-rounder to the Suns, top-12-protected. Finally the Suns will get the first-round pick from the Indiana Pacers.

In addition, if the Los Angeles Lakers don’t draft a top-five first rounder in the 2015 Draft, they will be giving it to the Suns. It’s clear, that the Suns have too many first round picks available over the next couple of years. Keeping in mind they also picked Alex Len and Archie Goodwin this season, it’s obvious that their decision to trade away some draft picks for a star only makes sense. The Suns know that they can’t build a title contender or even a strong playoff team using first-round picks solely.

Phoenix’s course up to this point of the season is encouraging. With little quality in the roster and a bunch of young guys the team has managed to go 14-9 to start the season. They currently hold the sixth seed in the tough Western Conference. The team’s management sees that with the addition of a star player next to Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe, the Suns will have much potential. That might be just true.

The Suns have a very capable backcourt. If they add a star forward, who will be able to lift the team to the next level, provide an extra scoring option Phoenix needs and increase the team’s authority, then there is no reason for them not to sacrifice one or even two of their draft picks. Of course, the Suns will still hold draft picks for the 2014 draft.

The general manager of the team, Ryan McDonough, stated that he believes the Suns can offer a unique package to any team that is interested in getting involved in a deal. The certain fact is that there interest from several teams will be high. The 2014 draft is considered as a very juicy one and there are some star players who are currently under performing as well as their teams, too.

Phoenix’s plan seems rational and if the team finds the right trade package, this plan will pay off quickly, making the team a strong playoff contender within the next couple of seasons.

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