The Phoenix Suns are interested in Thaddeus Young

Thaddeus YoungThe Phoenix Suns are interested in Thaddeus Young

Thaddeus Young reportedly filed a trade request with the Philadelphia 76ers. Since then, the rumor mill around a potential trade for him has started to revolve and there are several teams interested in acquiring the 25-year forceful forward. As of lately, the Phoenix Suns have entered the mix and they are one of the top contenders of landing Young, if the 76ers finally initiate a trade.

As of lately, after Young requested a trade, he has started to uplift his performance. He is almost steadily scoring more than 20 points except for a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers where he went scoreless. He is shooting at very good rates and in general he is making his presence felt. Obviously, he tries to increase his value, luring teams to make a move for him.

The Phoenix Suns, thankfully, have some cheese to offer. The Suns are recording a surprisingly good course this season. At the moment they stand at the seventh spot of the though Western Conference with a 21-14 record. Whilst they lost their second-leading scorer, Eric Bledsoe, the Suns are continuing to play strong. An addition like Thaddeus Young would only solidify Phoenix’s role in the playoffs.

When it comes to trades pieces, the Phoenix Suns have many. Apart from their own first-round picks, the Suns possess four extra first-round picks over the course of the next two years. As the team recently stated, they are willing to trade away one or more of their picks if they find the right deal. An addition like Thaddeus Young seems like a very tempting one for Phoenix.

The Suns hold the Minnesota Timberwolves’ first-round pick for the 2014 NBA Draft and also the Washington Wizards’ and the Indiana Pacers’ first-rounders. They also hold the 2015 first-round pick from the Los Angeles Lakers, top 5 protected. Of course they won’t trade away all of their picks, since the team’s target is to fully rebuild and become competitive over the next few years.

Nonetheless, it would be worth it to trade away one or two of their picks, perhaps along with another player to the Philadelphia 76ers in order to acquire Thaddeus Young. That’s because the 6’8” forward seems to fit to the Suns’ playing style.

Phoenix is a team that likes to run the break and they could happily use a young, energetic and powerful forward like Young. In addition, Head Coach Jeff Hornacek could place Young either to the small forward or the power forward position, as he is very versatile.

Of course, if Young comes to the Suns, the Morris brothers might no longer have a big role. In fact, they could be on the move, perhaps working as chips for the trade. Of course, both of them have been productive this season for the Suns, but neither of them can reach the 17.9 points, 6.7 assists and 50.1 field-goal percentage Thaddeus Young is putting up.

Of course, apart from the Suns, there are several more suitors for Thaddeus Young. Let’s see where he ends up if the 76ers decide to trade him away.

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  1. Steven Hill says:

    Suns should not be seen as a desperate team. They should stand pat and let the team continue to grow. Lin and Goodwin both need more playing time to develop, plus the team has 6 first round picks in next two years. Any trade should be on Suns' terms and only if it will help the team immediately AND in the future.

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