The Phoenix Suns could get Ben Gordon by the trade deadline

The Phoenix Suns could get Ben Gordon by the trade deadline

The Phoenix Suns are almost certain to involve in a deal, perhaps even more than just one, by the February 20 trade deadline. Phoenix has been linked to a bunch of players as of lately, with Pau Gasol and Evan Turner being the most rumored ones to draw interest from the Suns. Nonetheless, Phoenix could turn its attention towards another direction eventually, as the latest reports state that the team is eying Ben Gordon from the Charlotte Bobcats.

Gordon is a 30-year old guard who has always been productive for his career. Although he is much older than Evan Turner, he could be a great fit for the Suns, as he has been a solid three-point shooter for his career. This season, he is not performing very well, however. His numbers have dropped, he is inconsistent with his shooting and due to an illness that he has been suffering for a big chunk of the season, up to he has appeared in just 18 games.

Of course, he is expected to bounce back quickly once he gets healthy again. That’s what the Phoenix Suns had in mind when they decided to turn their attention towards him. Ben Gordon is a proven veteran who could help the young, emerging group of the Phoenix Suns improve their chances for a solid course in the postseason.

If a deal was about to happen between the Bobcats and the Phoenix Suns, a third team could be involved, too. The Philadelphia 76ers have been rumored to have a part in this three-team deal. If such a trade was agreed on, the Bobcats would end up receiving Evan Turner from Philadelphia, the Suns would get Ben Gordon and finally, the 76ers would get draft picks. Emeka Okafor could also be a piece of this trade, most probably getting traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. The Suns are expected to ship Okafor in one of the deals they might agree on, as he is not included in the team’s plans for the future.

Such a deal could be done, at least financially-wise. Now, it only remains to be seen if it does make sense for the three sides, too. Phoenix, Philadelphia and Charlotte have just five days to make up their minds and make their move. The trade deadline is set for February 20 and this means that things will have to get done quickly.

The Phoenix Suns currently have lots of scenarios lined up on their table. They could end up performing several deals. As the team officially stated a few weeks ago, it won’t hesitate to trade away one or more of its bunch of draft picks if it believes that the deal is worth it. Certainly, a move for Pau Gasol or even Rudy Gay seems to have priority at the moment, as the Suns are looking for impact players. Nonetheless, a trade for Ben Gordon should come as no surprise.

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  1. Chip Newton says:

    boozer and Gordon and Suns go BIG 2nd half

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