The Philadelphia 76ers looking to trade for a first-round pick

Philadelphia 76ersThe Philadelphia 76ers looking to trade for a first-round pick

The Philadelphia 76ers are certainly not chasing a playoff seed this season. On the contrary, they are eying for a way to get a lottery spot for the 2014 NBA Draft. Of course, there is no guarantee that the 76ers will get a high pick, judging from their 13-28 record up to now in the season. There are much worse teams in the league, which can also be considered as a lock for higher lottery picks. Nonetheless, Philadelphia still wants a top pick in the 2014 NBA Draft and the way they can get it is through a trade.

The 76ers do have some assets to offer to any team willing to give away their picks for the next season. Thaddeus Young has already requested a trade, according to multiple reports. Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner are also rumored to be available in the market. The 76ers might have to ship two of them in order to acquire a high pick in the star-loaded 2014 draft.

Philadelphia wants to rebuild around Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel. MCW has really shown that he can emerge as a leader for the team. He has been playing surprisingly well up to now in the season and he is one of the candidates for the Rookie of the Year award this season. On the other hand, Nerlens Noel still hasn’t appeared in a NBA game due to an injury. Nonetheless, there are big expectations for him. After all he was supposed to be the first overall pick and on top of that, Philadelphia traded away its All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday to acquire him.

In order to achieve what they want, the Philadelphia 76ers will have to find ways to acquire first-round picks over the next couple of years. The 2014 NBA Draft is of course the preferred one. Draft analysts and lots of people around the league are talking of a draft class that will include a bunch of future superstars in 2014. First-round picks for this upcoming draft have become the hot topic of discussion between GMs and teams are willing to give away significant assets in order to acquire them.

The Chicago Bulls gave away Luol Deng in order to receive a first-round pick. Of course, they did also dumped $20 million through the Andrew Bynum waive. Nonetheless, it’s significant that first-rounders currently have such a big value that can force a team to trade away a player of the caliber of Deng.

The 76ers might have to combine Hawes, Young and Turner in order to receive a high pick in the 2014 or the 2015 draft. Otherwise, they will most probably end up receiving a mid-round first pick or even a second rounder. But even with that pick, Philadelphia could easily end up drafting a potential star, a player who can be the sixth man and emerge as a solid contributor.

The Philadelphia 76ers have proven that they have the potential to make the difference. In a season that they were supposed to be tanking, they have recorded an interesting course. Now, they will have to find a way to solidify a long-term success.

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