Paul George or Kevin Durant: Who would you choose to build a team?

Paul GeorgePaul George or Kevin Durant: Who would you choose to build a team?

Let’s pretend that in a magical way, we were about to start a basketball league from scratch. Call it NBA, call it Your NBA or whatever you wish. Now, imagine that all the players currently active in the league are available to choose and you can pick anyone to start, except for LeBron James. Sounds like a fantasy league right? Which would be your choice?

If you think rationally and don’t let your emotions for your favorite team or player drive you, the two names that would come into your mind straight away would be the ones of Kevin Durant and Paul George. Makes sense? Ok. But which one would be the superstar you would go with?

Let’s say you chose Kevin Durant. You would be getting a 6’10” – probably even taller at the moment- who is 25 years old, meaning he is just entering his prime. You would also get a proven superstar and a three-time NBA scoring champion. Durant finished the previous season shooting 51 percent, 41.6 percent from three-point range and 90.5 percent from the charity stripe. He also averaged 28.1 points per game. Throughout his career, Durant has been dominant and accurate with his shooting. What this means is that he if you were about to decide to pick Durant over Paul George, you would arguably have a better scorer, a better shooter and a bigger body.

On the other hand, if you decided to select Paul George instead of Durant, then you would have some other advantages. First of all, George is younger than KD. At the age of 23, George is just starting to emerge as a superstar and although he is recording a dominant season he still needs to establish himself at the elite of the NBA. George wasn’t that much impressive during the previous season but he made his impact felt during the playoffs.

It’s this current season, however, that has allowed George to showcase his true talents and put his name in the highest level of stardom in the league. The 6’8” forward has exploded for 24.7 points and 5.7 rebounds per game, while he is shooting 47.5 percent from the field, 42.7 percent from downtown and 86.3 percent from the charity stripe. One important thing we would have to keep in mind is that George is constantly uplifting his performance and it is a big mystery how high he can go. On the contrary, Durant has already shown what he can do and now, only small improvements can be achieved in his overall performance.

Another significant aspect we would have to take under consideration is defense. George has already shown that he is a true, lock-down defender. He is very capable when playing one on one. He is also very good on the pick and roll and the only part that Durant might denominate is defense in the post.

In general, the decision to pick one or another is really, really difficult. However, we would choose Paul George. The reason is because he is younger, he is currently rapidly emerging and he could be better than Kevin Durant in a couple of years’ time.

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