Orlando Magic considering trading away Jameer Nelson & Glen Davis

Jameer NelsonOrlando Magic considering trading away Jameer Nelson & Glen Davis

The Orlando Magic are not actively trying to shop their players but it appears to be they might actually want to re-think about it. After several reports around a potential trade for Arron Afflalo, the latest reports from Orlando state that Jameer Nelson and Glen Davis may be get involved in a potential trade.

The Magic wouldn’t want to trade away their two veterans. However, as the latest reports state, they could finally change their strategy if they found the right deal and if the exchange was what they wanted.

Both Davis and Nelson would have significant value to a bunch of playoff contenders, in their effort towards a better course this season. Davis is putting up solid numbers this season, since he returned from his injury. He is averaging 13.3 points per contest and also 6.8 rebounds, while shooting 46.0 percent from the floor. Davis could easily be the starting power forward for some playoff contending teams or he could have the role of the sixth-man. That was his role with his former team, the Boston Celtics after all.

On the other hand, Jameer Nelson has always been a reliable point guard with good athletic and scoring abilities. He never really took the next step, emerging as a star. Nonetheless, he is productive. This season, he is putting up 12.9 points per game, 6.1 assists and 3.8 rebounds, while shooting 40.0 percent from the floor and 36.0 percent from three-point territory.

However, the arrival of Victor Oladipo has somehow reduced his essence to the Magic. Orlando is in a deep rebuilding process and with their eyes turned towards the future, they wouldn’t have much of a trouble sending Nelson away, in exchange for young assets or even draft picks.

Glen Davis is turning 28 on January 1st and Aaron Afflalo is also 28. The young of their age is another tempting factor for the teams around the league who show interest. Even Jameer Nelson is not much older, 31 years old. All three can be considered as valuable assets for Orlando. It would only make sense for them to trade one or even all of them in the team’s effort to rebuild.

Chances are, we see a trade way before the trade deadline, which is set for February 20, 2014. The Magic are going full throttle for one of the bottom seeds in the East this season. They are targeting for the lottery in the draft of the summer of 2014. So they would be eager to have even more assets for the next season or even the 2015-2016 one. Draft picks or young players with lots of potential could work as exchange for a potential trade.

The Magic still have Hedo Turkoglu under contract for this season although he is not an active member of the team. In fact, the Magic might waive him in the next few days and he will most likely hit free-agency before being pursued by another team.

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