New York Knicks want to use Iman Shumpert to trade Amar’e Stoudemire

Iman ShumpertThe New York Knicks want to use Iman Shumpert to trade Amar’e Stoudemire

The New York Knicks need to take some serious decisions. They know it well. The disappointing start in the season leaves no options for the team’s management staff. New York is reportedly involved in several trade scenarios. The Knicks do have some assets they can use in order to shake things up. One of the most valuable of them is the 23-year old guard Iman Shumpert.

The Knicks have a strong interest in acquiring Kyle Lowry from the Toronto Raptors according to multiple reports while sending Raymond Felton to Toronto. However, they would like to keep Shumpert out of a potential trade package. The reason behind this is because the Knicks would like to use him as a chip in a potential trade for Amar’e Stoudemire.

New York is desperately trying to find a trade for Amar’e. The 31-year old fading star has this one and the next season still left on his contract. The Knicks would like to get rid of the $23.4 million they owe to Amar’e next season. In order to find a team that is willing to acquire his huge contract, the Knicks will have to sweeten the pot. Iman Shumpert might be the ideal way to do so.

The Knicks are looking to rebuild around Carmelo Anthony, who, hopefully will remain in New York after the end of this season. Anthony has a player option which he may or may not exercise. The potential addition of Kyle Lowry, another trade that would revolve around Tyson Chandler and J.R. Smith would be the first moves the Knicks would make.

New York is certainly exploring all potential moves. The certain thing is that they will need to make something happen. After the acquisition of Melo, the team has failed to be as competitive as all the fans in NYC wanted. Now, it’s time for them to make radical changes in every aspect. There has been much speculation as of lately regarding the coaching position of the team. Some sources stated that New York is searching for a replacement for Mike Woodson.

We can expect big moves from the New York Knicks over the next few months and certainly during this summer. Iman Shumpert is the first one on the list to be moved. His value will be significant for any team that decides to trade with New York.

Shumpert is very young, emerging and comes as a bargain. His contract has a $1.8 million worth for this season and another $2.8 million for the 2014-2015 season. His production is exceptionally good in comparison to his contract. That’s why he is currently targeted by a bunch of teams around the league, who know that the Knicks will be willing to trade him away.

Of course, adding Iman Shumpert in a potential Stoudemire trade package would make this trade more tempting for any team, but still it won’t be that easy for the Knicks to find the right deal.

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