The New York Knicks should trade Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony (1)The New York Knicks should trade Carmelo Anthony

The arrival of Carmelo Anthony brought joy and indulgence to New York. All the fans of the Knicks were optimistic that he would have such a big impact to the team that the Knicks would reach the top, they would form a dynasty and they would win championships. The reality, however, was vastly different.

Not only didn’t New York reach the level every fan in the big apple wanted and expected but the Knicks failed to retain the little success the team found in its first seasons after the trade.

The acquisition of Melo signaled the start of a new era for the Knicks, the “Melo era”. Together with Amar’e Stoudemire, who was given a contract worth $100 million, Carmelo was expected form a dynasty in NYC. The Knicks were supposed to be a team able to compete against the Big Three of the Miami Heat.

However, Amar’e career went south and now he clearly not the player he once was. There is simply no way for the Knicks to fulfil their dynasty dreams with him onboard. Amar’e has become a burden for New York rather than a dominant superstar.

Of course, the presence of Carmelo Anthony in the team is the most important factor that keeps this team together and avoids a total destruction. However, that’s exactly what the Knicks might need at the moment. They need to trade Carmelo away and start a radical rebuild, only this time on better terms.

Of course, such a decision won’t come easy. It will just not be easy for the Knicks to give away their most valuable asset. Nonetheless, despite all the ties they have with Carmelo and whilst Melo is the best player and the leader of the team, this could be the right decision. It will disappoint many fans of the team but in the long term it will prove out to be beneficial for the Knicks.

When the Knicks acquired Carmelo through the trade with the Denver Nuggets, they had to give away valuable assets. They sent away Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton and Timofey Mozgov plus a first-round pick in 2014. But the truth is that the Knicks could have signed Melo as a free-agent instead of giving away all their young assets. If that was the case, the Knicks would then have a more complete team, able to compete at the highest level and have duration.

But that of course is not the case now and the Knicks will have to adjust to the reality. They will have to focus in the future and the future for them should be without Carmelo. There will be no way for them to become competitive in the next couple of seasons unless a miracle happens. And if they wait two years before making their move towards improvement, it is uncertain that a 30-year old Carmelo Anthony would be enough to lure another superstar in the team. So the Knicks should take action and start a deep rebuild.

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  1. If Dolan has any say in it, Knicks are done thru 2016 which is the most recent #1 given away by Dolan.

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