The New York Knicks hope Rajon Rondo forces a trade

Rajon RondoThe New York Knicks hope Rajon Rondo forces a trade

The trade mill is spinning like crazy as of lately in the NBA. The latest reports come from the New York Knicks, who have been involved in several rumors. After a bunch of scenarios regarding the departure or not of Carmelo Anthony, the latest news state that the team now hopes Rajon Rondo forces a trade and joins the Knicks.

The Knicks hope that Rondo will demand a trade, much like Carmelo did when he was a member of the Denver Nuggets. In that way, New York will be able to deal with the rebuilding Boston Celtics and bring in a second superstar alongside Anthony.

Of course, the situation is currently very fluid in New York. There is no guarantee that Melo will not opt-out of his player option for next season and remain in NYC. On the contrary, the bad situation the team currently is and the disappointing course up to this point of the 2013-2014 season increase the chances Carmelo seeks for a better destination and a winning team. Nonetheless, the Knicks remain optimistic that they will retain Carmelo and that they will also re-sign him during the summer for a long term.

The addition of a player like Rajon Rondo would significantly upgrade the Knicks’ firepower. Playing alongside Carmelo Anthony, the 27-year old point guard will be able to let his skillset unfold completely. He can be the perfect distributor for the Knicks, the facilitator who will create more open looks for Carmelo and J.R. Smith. Rondo has been doing this same thing throughout his career. He is making his teammates better.

A potential trade would force Anthony to re-think about hitting the market this summer. He, much like any other megastar in the league, wants to be a member of a winning franchise. Of course, the Knicks are not this type of a team currently. Nevertheless, with the addition of Rondo, the team could reach the next level and seriously contend for a championship.

The assets the Knicks would have to give away are not neglectable. First of all, Rondo has a $12 million contract for the current season and another $13 million owed for the 2014-2015 campaign. This means the Knicks would have to find the pieces that would fit for such a trade. Iman Shumpert, New York’s best trade chip, would most probably be on the move along with other significant players so the salaries match.

Such a trade won’t come easy. Teams usually don’t trade players intra-conference. They choose to ship them to teams from other conferences and usually to teams which are not at the same level as they are.

Rondo is currently recovering from a torn ACL injury and there is no indication if he will be able to continue and play like he did after he comes back. Of course, even if Rajon Rondo returns fully healed, he will need much time to adjust his body to the highest level he had prior to getting injured.

3 Responsesto “The New York Knicks hope Rajon Rondo forces a trade”

  1. Tim Donaghy says:

    A deal like this will make the Nets and Knicks the two worst teams in the league…

  2. Ron Palermo says:

    He isn't going anywhere. He will be staying in Boston.

  3. Joe Risk says:

    car mello-noma….

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