New York Knicks interested in Kyle Lowry… Again!

New York Knicks eying Kyle Lowry

The New York Knicks were reportedly interested in acquiring Toronto Raptors point guard, Kyle Lowry earlier in the season. Nonetheless, trade discussions fell apart and the Knicks seemed to point their interest towards other players-targets. Nonetheless, as of lately, the Knicks are rumored to refocus on acquiring Lowry, with a potential getting sealed by the February 20 trade deadline.

Lowry has emerged as a solid contributor for the Toronto Raptors, who have been playing exceptionally well as of lately. During the past couple of months, Lowry has uplifted his performance thus drawing much interest from lots of teams around the league. The Raptors were expected to actively try and shop him by the trade deadline. Nonetheless, due to his drastic improvement, the team appears to be skeptical at the moment. Lowry will become an unrestricted free-agent this summer and the latest word from the Raptors’ side was that the team is eager to re-signing him.

Lowry has emerged as the second best player of the Toronto Raptors this season, just behind All-Star DeMar DeRozan. Lowry is recording a breakaway season, averaging 16.7 points, 7.6 assists, 4.5 rebounds, 43.1 percent shooting from the floor and 38.8 percent shooting from three-point range. He has taken over as the starting point guard for the Toronto Raptors, helping them rise to the third seed in the Eastern Conference with a 28-24 record. Since the Raptors traded away forward Rudy Gay, Lowry has seen the biggest change in his performance.

The New York Knicks have failed to find a reliable and consistent solution at their point guard spot. Of course, Raymond Felton is a capable point guard, but Lowry would be an upgrade. On top of that, almost any point guard the Knicks possess experienced injury issues this season thus forcing Mike Woodson assigning even Carmelo Anthony with point guard responsibilities.

An addition like Lowry by the trade deadline would give the Knicks a significant push for the second half of the season and it would also increase their chances to record a solid playoff course. Lowry has a seven-year experience in the league and he seems to be a good fit in Woodson’s rotation.

If the trade was about to happen, the Knicks would most probably give away Raymond Felton, Metta World Peace and a first round pick. Iman Shumpert could also be a trade chip in this deal. The New York Knicks are reportedly eager to trading Shumpert, but they know that he has much value, thanks to his very small contract.

Of course, Kyle Lowry is drawing interest from a bunch of teams around the league. The Houston Rockets appear to be interested in acquiring him, too. Even the Miami Heat reportedly made a request for Lowry earlier in the season.

The certain thing is that we can’t predict what the ingenious General Manager of the Toronto Raptors, Masai Ujiri, will end up deciding to do with Lowry. The Knicks would certainly be happy to land him.

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