The New Orleans Pelicans are looking to trade Eric Gordon

Eric GordonThe New Orleans Pelicans are looking to trade Eric Gordon

One more trade rumor is added to the mix, which has been growing as of lately and as we get closer to the February deadline. The New Orleans Pelicans seem to be interested in trading away their 25-year old guard Eric Gordon. Of course, Gordon has been productive up to this point of the season and first and foremost he has retained his health. Nonetheless, he has still not me the expectations the team had for him.

Eric Gordon is in the books for $30 million for the next two seasons and the truth is that he is not playing like the team wanted. On top of that, the Pelicans have a star-packed backcourt with Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans being a duo that can easily defend the starting positions.

The New Orleans Pelicans have much potential over the next few seasons. They do have a young core of quality players. Maybe an addition of a veteran star could really take the team to the next level. If the Pelicans find the right way to trade Gordon away, they could make the difference and solidify their position in the Western Conference at least as a playoff-caliber team.

Gordon is averaging 16.1 points, 2.8 rebounds and 3.1 assists per contest this season. He is also shooting 44.9 percent from the floor and 39.7 percent from three-point range. All these numbers are close to his career-averages. Nevertheless, the Pelicans really hoped to see their 6’4” guard making a difference this season but he didn’t. On the other hand, Gordon has managed to retain his health this season. It’s significant that during his five-year career in the NBA, Gordon never managed to play for all 82 games. The last couple of seasons, he combined for just 51 games.

With that said, his value is certainly on the rise this season and there are chances New Orleans finds some teams to trade with. As of now, there is no particular team that has shown interest in acquiring the 25-year old swingman. The Pelicans have a little more than one month to explore their options. Gordon is expected to draw some interest from teams around the league, but due to his fat contract, it won’t be easy for the Pelicans to find a trade for him.

Amongst the teams that could agree on a deal with New Orleans are the New York Knicks, who are interested in trading away J.R. Smith and the Houston Rockets, who are desperately trying to ship Omer Asik. The Boston Celtics could also get involved in a trade, as they have been involved in numerous trade discussions. Of course, several more teams are expected to make a request for Gordon.

The bottom line for the New Orleans Pelicans is that they are willing to make the next step and further improve their team. In order to do so, they will have to get rid of Gordon, who has failed to play at the star level he was projected to do.

3 Responsesto “The New Orleans Pelicans are looking to trade Eric Gordon”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pierre Jackson needs to be on the roster.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bring ThaddeusYoung back home. Maybe he can brings some toughness to this team of "puppies."

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thats Laughable to here the Pelicans saying that about Eric Gordon,his averages are on par with Chris Paul when he was in New Orleans. With Anthony Davis in the Line up with Gordon started 11-10 and its only been since the Injuries that they have fallen off.Blaming Gordon for New Orleans front office making bad acquisitions is what seams to be par for the course in the NBA. Im mean your going to blame a guy who is the second leading scorer on the Pelicans lets you know the kind of front office the Pelicans have.Trading Gordon will not change one bit of the problems the Pelicans have and given that going to New Orleans is one place that NBA players don't put high on their list to go to.

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