NBA Jersey Swaps: Stephen Curry with the Oklahoma City Thunder

NBA Jersey Swaps: Stephen Curry with the Oklahoma City Thunder

Stephen Curry Thunder

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5 Responsesto “NBA Jersey Swaps: Stephen Curry with the Oklahoma City Thunder”

  1. Jhoan Torres says:

    god i wish we can trade russell westbrook for steph!

  2. taiwo says:

    your the best player in the nba

  3. okc says:

    Man okc should trade Jackson and Perkins for curry

  4. Jeddy says:

    Its a fun concept. But trading Westbrook for him wouldn’t work out at all. Curry has game, but the chemistry would be all wrong. Westbrook and Durant are like brothers. I’ve actually had the pleasure of seeing them hang out in a practice, their close. They argue even like brothers. There’s a deep bond there. Don’t split them up! Instead I’d be concerned with getting a new coach! The team that has the MVP makes the finals! A good coach knows how to make a good point guard, if the skills are there. Westbrook has the skills. He can be a leading scorer, but he can also pile on assists when he feels like it. He’s been playing as a shooting guard, but with the right coaching, Okc is in the finals last year, they took the Spurs to 7 games last season. The Heat didn’t. They’ll probably be in the finals this year, should Durant heal quickly. So, no, I’m not trading Russell. But I would love to see Curry at point, Westbrook at 2 guard, and Durant as the deadly shooting forward assassin that he is. Yeah, that would be the start of a dynasty.


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