Metta World Peace drawing interest from the Miami Heat

Metta World PeaceMetta World Peace drawing interest from the Miami Heat

The New York Knicks are barely using Metta World Peace this season. The eccentric 34-year old veteran is averaging just 13.6 minutes per game this season and he also experienced injury issues. At the end, it seems like World Peace might be gone from New York City sooner than later. He just recently hinted that he wouldn’t have a problem getting traded and several teams around the league, especially title contenders, would be interest in acquiring his talents. The Miami Heat seems like a great fit for him.

Metta World Peace has played just 28 games up to now in the season, mainly due to knee injury issues. But even when he appeared in a game, his impact was barely felt. Nonetheless, this won’t stop title contenders from showing interest in acquiring him. Despite the drop in his performance, World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, is still considered as a great complementary piece, a solid role player with tons of playoff experience. Teams like the Miami Heat, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs could use his services come playoff time.

The Oklahoma City Thunder would certainly be happy to add some depth in their team. Nonetheless, their perimeter is packed. Especially now that Russell Westbrook seems to be close to a return, OKC would rather add a solid big man backup instead of a swingman like World Peace. The San Antonio Spurs also have several players in the perimeter and Metta World Peace would most probably see limited minutes if he was acquired by Gregg Popovich’s team.

The Miami Heat, though, seem like a great fit for the powerful forward. Erik Spoelstra has proven that he has a unique way to making the most out of veteran role players, who are close to the end of their careers. We’ve seen that with Shane Battier, Ray Allen and Chris Andersen. The Heat seem to have found the secret recipe of making the most out of such players, mainly by allowing them to play from their comfort zone, while at the same time leaving the Big Three handling most of the load.

If World Peace came to South Beach, that would mean a new start for him. It still remains a mystery how much fuel he’s left in his basketball tank. What is certain is that he is a true fighter, a player who plays strong defense and always tries to give 110 percent of his powers when he steps on the court. These attributes seem to fit with the Heat culture and the defensive mentality Erik Spoelstra has given to the team. On top of that, due to the injury issues Dwyane Wade is experiencing with his knees, adding another proven veteran in the perimeter would only help the Heat be better during the playoffs.

The trade deadline is less than 10 days ahead and if something happens, it will have to happen soon.

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