Lakers have discussed Pau Gasol trade with Celtics, Nets & Cavs

Pau-GasolThe Los Angeles Lakers discussed a Pau Gasol trade with the Celtics, the Nets and the Cavaliers

The 2013-2014 season can be considered as a finished one for the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s the reality and all the team’s fans should just look reality into the eye. With Kobe Bryant out for about one more month and the current state the Lakers are into, there might be pointless to even make an effort to clinch a playoff spot. The Lakers management team of course acknowledges that. In an effort to set the foundation for a better course in the near future, the Lakers have reportedly contacted the Boston Celtics, the Brooklyn Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers to offer a trade for Pau Gasol.

According to reports, the Lakers requested for Andrew Bynum from the Cleveland Cavaliers. The main reason the Lakers would get involved in such a trade is because they would save up to $20 million in luxury tax. That would be achieved through waiving Andrew Bynum’s contract. In addition, they will finally get rid of a fading star, in Pau Gasol and they will also avoid the repeater luxury tax payer next season.

Alternatively, if the Lakers traded Pau Gasol to the Brooklyn Nets, they would be eager to receive All-Star center Brook Lopez. The 7-footer center is out for the season with a broken right foot. Up to now, the two sides haven’t even got close to reaching a deal and it’s unlikely they will. Nonetheless, an acquisition like Lopez could greatly benefit the Lakers, as he could be a very good asset for their effort to rebuild around Kobe Bryant for the next few seasons.

Pau GasolFinally, if the Lakers traded with the Boston Celtics, they would request for Rajon Rondo. Danny Ainge, of course, still denies the rumors that state Rondo will be on the move. Nonetheless, it’s obvious that the C’s are going through a complete rebuilding process and that could not leave Rajon Rondo on the outside. Such a trade would only make sense for the Los Angeles Lakers. The team needs to find a superstar to play alongside Kobe Bryant. Steve Nash’s careers seems to be close to an end so a superstar of the caliber of Rondo would be the perfect fit for the Lakers going forward. The Celtics would also be benefited from that deal, as the expiring contract of Pau Gasol seems to be tempting.

In fact, Gasol’s contract could be valuable for several teams around the league and it’s a plus for the Lakers, on their effort to trade away the Spaniard center. But even if LA can’t achieve a deal with a team and ship Gasol, they can still hope that they will be able to negotiate a much smaller contract with him during the summer. Pau Gasol is earning $19.2 million this season, which is considered too high for what he produces.

The Lakers have been exploring for different ways to get rid of Pau Gasol’s huge contract for quite some time now. It’s only a matter of time before they find the best solution.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "All the team's fans should just look reality in the eye"
    So, tell me George, You are just a glorified cyber-troll? Seriously, you didn't need to use so many words. You could have just said "Neener neener neener".

  2. Ding Rogero says:

    Why rebuild around a goner?

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