The Los Angeles Clippers won’t trade Blake Griffin

Blake GriffinThe Los Angeles Clippers won’t trade Blake Griffin

Several times during the last few years have we heard trade rumors and scenarios revolving around Los Angeles Clippers superstar forward, Blake Griffin. Especially after the struggles the Clips experienced last season and during the playoffs, but also due to the fact that Griffin has some flaws in his game, lots of discussions around a potential trade exist.

However, just recently, the Head Coach of the team, Doc Rivers, turned down any such possibility. Some rumors stated that the Clippers would be willing to make a move for Carmelo Anthony, trading away Griffin as an exchange. As Rivers stated, this seems like stupid idea. Not only this trade won’t seem to work, but the Clippers are unlikely to seek for any trade around Blake Griffin.

It’s obvious that Blake Griffin is not a perfect fit alongside DeAndre Jordan. Both of them are players who heavily rely their offensive game on close to the basket shots, even dunks. Although Griffin is gradually improving his mid-range shooting, he is shooting 52.3 percent from the floor this season, he still is not considered as a reliable and consistent shooter.

In addition, Griffin has managed to improve several other aspects of his game, such as free-throw shooting and defense. The 24-year old superstar s shooting 71.8 percent from the charity stripe this season and we have also seen him playing a much better and more effective defense in overall up to now. But still, he will almost never be an ideal big-man duo together with DeAndre Jordan.

The Clippers would most probably be much more dangerous if they had a power forward with a decent mid-range and even long-range jumper. Just imagine the Clippers with LaMarcus Aldridge or Kevin Love in their roster instead of Griffin. Apart from his weak shooting game, Griffin’s significant attributes, some of the aspects of his game which make him jump out of the rest of the league remain hidden in LA. Griffin is a terrific ball handler and also a great passer. With Chris Paul in the team, it’s inevitable for Griffin to be unable to fully unfold his game.

Nonetheless, even under these circumstances, the Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling is very unlikely to seek for ways to trade the forceful forward away. That’s because Griffin means too much for the Clippers. His impact goes much further than his shooting efficiency.

Griffin, along with CP3 has brought optimist to the Clippers franchise. We can fairly say that the arrival of Blake Griffin really changed the course of the organization. That’s exactly when the Clips started to emerge, becoming a playoff-caliber team. Now, they are in a championship mode and Griffin is an essential part of this group. On top of that, he engages the fans, he gives them joy, a reason to watch the team play, thanks to all his flying and dunking.

Even if the right decision for the Clippers would be to trade Griffin away, going deeper in their championship chase, this is something that the team is not willing to do, at least not in the near future.

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