The Los Angeles Clippers could deal Jared Dudley

Jared DudleyThe Los Angeles Clippers could deal Jared Dudley

When Jared Dudley was acquired by the Los Angeles Clippers this past summer, together with J.J. Redick, he was expected to provide significant help in the perimeter. The Clips were supposed to use his shooting abilities, especially from beyond the arc, but also his veteran experience to upgrade their perimeter firepower. Nonetheless, up to now, Dudley hasn’t played up to the expectations. That’s most probably the reason why some rumors state he might be moved by the trade deadline.

The 28-year old veteran is putting up numbers below his career averages. He is scoring 7.8 points per contest, grabbing 2.2 rebounds and also shooting 44.5 percent from the floor and 35.7 percent from three-point range. The Clippers certainly expected something more from him this season. Especially due to the injuries Redick faced earlier in the season, Dudley was supposed to uplift his performance. Nonetheless, he never did.

His minutes have now dropped, he has yet to score double digits in the last 10 games and in general, his contribution to the team is minimal. On the other hand, the Clippers could decide to trade him away in order to acquire a solid backup in their front line. LA desperately needs an upgrade in the power forward and center positions and they could acquire just that through a trade that involves Dudley.

A bunch of teams around the league could be interested in Jared Dudley. The question for the Clippers would now be, what type of deal they will be able to find, considering that they will most probably aim for a big man. There are not so many quality big men available around the league and those who are, have very high prices. Most teams want either young, emerging talent or draft picks, especially for the loaded 2014 NBA Draft. Dudley is nothing of those two and so the Clippers will most probably have to search well before they make their move.

If Dudley sees the way out, the Clippers could switch Jamal Crawford to the starting lineup. Crawford has been exceptional as a starter, during the time that the team had some injuries its core members, like Chris Paul and Redick. On top of that, LA already has a lots of perimeter players who could split his minutes.

Jared Dudley has always been a consistent contributor through his career. That’s why he can be considered as a valuable piece in a potential trade. It’s notable, of course, that he hasn’t managed to contribute much for the Clips. Nonetheless, he can find a good role in a bunch of other teams around the league.

Whilst the rumors around a potential trade that includes him are not strong, it should be no surprise if we saw him getting traded by the deadline. Several times in the NBA have we seen potential trades that were discussed over and over, finally fail, while others, getting sealed within hours. This trade could be one of the latter ones.

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