Linsanity might hit the New York Knicks once again

LinsanityLinsanity might hit the New York Knicks once again

The New York Knicks is the team which showed to the league what Linsanity means. A couple of seasons back, Jeremy Lin emerged as a co-leader for the Knicks out of nowhere. The undrafted point guard out of Harvard was given the chance to play and he soon established his role as the starting point guard of the team. Very quickly he became a fan favorite, mainly thanks to his clutch performances and his unique penetrating skills. As the latest rumors state, fans in New York might re-live such moments with Jeremy Lin onboard, as the Houston Rockets are interested in trading him to the Knicks, alongside Omer Asik.

The Rockets’ main focus is to trade away big man Omer Asik. Lots of rumors and trade scenarios have emerged to the surface as of lately. If the Rockets agree on a deal with the Knicks, they will most probably Tyson Chandler, whom the Knicks are also considering trading away. Nonetheless, Houston reportedly is eyeing Tim Hardaway Jr., too and that’s why they might include Jeremy Lin in the trade, too.

The one thing that might block the deal is the big contracts both Lin and Asik have for the 2014-2015 season. Each of them is owed $14.9 million for the next season and that’s makes teams rethink before agreeing on a deal.

The certain fact is that the Knicks need an upgrade at their big man line. Kenyon Martin, Metta World Peace and Amar’e Stoudemire all experienced injuries this season and it’s still unclear if they will be at their 100 percent come playoff time. In fact, it will be difficult for Stoudemire to even be the player he once was. New York will certainly need some help in the middle and Asik seems like a great fit. The 7-footer center out of Turkey has always been a great defender and he also has some offense.

On the other hand, the Rockets are using Jeremy Lin much, but as of recently, the 25-year old point guard lost his starting point guard role to Patrick Beverly. In fact, Lin has been battling almost throughout the season with Beverly for the starting role. It’s almost certain that Head Coach Kevin McHale would have not have much of an issue assigning Beverly with the starting job on a consistent basis, if Lin was traded away. At the same time, if the Rockets acquire Hardaway Jr., the rookie would be a great backup for Beverly.

A Jeremy Lin comeback to New York City would mean big news for the Knicks. Linsanity would once again make the fans of the team go ecstatic. Lin could take over at the starting point guard position with Raymond Felton being switched to the reserves. Lin’s comeback would give hope to the fans of the team for this season, as the Knicks have not been playing as expected this season. Maybe the Knicks need to shake things up in order to move forward.

13 Responsesto “Linsanity might hit the New York Knicks once again”

  1. this is like a high school romance breakup – back together . I think a teenager is making all the knick decisions.

  2. do not give up on Tim has a nice game if we give up on him next year he will come back and bust our ass for 35 points

  3. Hardaway should be starting right next to Melo instead of (2pt a game Shumpert).

  4. yes trading away tyson chandler and raymond felton for jermy lin and omer asik yes but not give up on tim

  5. Angelica Rivera says:

    i would trade away chandler and felton but not for some scrum from the middle east. the knicks would be a complete idiots if they trade away hardway jr mark my words

  6. please trade tyson chandler and raymond felton and shumpert not tim hardaway

  7. Chai Ang says:

    They are owed $15M each BUT will only attract a $8.3M cap hit.

  8. Steven M Gratol says:

    a bit racist comment don't you think?

  9. Angelica Rivera says:

    only racist if you're a middle eastern if not then why do you give a fk

  10. Steven M Gratol says:

    WOW! our future is bright with you around!

  11. Angelica Rivera says:

    listen i don't know you so you're opinion of me is ireelevant!!!!! I don't waste timee worrying what other thinks of me i just keep it moving

  12. Steven M Gratol says:

    Just calling out racist folks! And only racist if your human.

  13. Angelica Rivera says:

    ok and that's you're opinion you're entitle to that much and yet i don't have to 2 shits about what you think of me so if you excuse me i have better things to do. dont write me back or im going to call the police and have you arrested for harassment and engaging with a minor…. and being that you're a principal wont look good on you're behalf being arrested


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