Knicks and Wizards could swap Beno Udrih and Glen Rice Jr.

Beno UdrihKnicks and Wizards could swap Beno Udrih and Glen Rice Jr.

The New York Knicks are constantly searching to shake things up, especially at their point guard spot. New York is involved in a bunch of trade rumors, lots of which evolve around Raymond Felton other team’s point guards, which could end up being starters in New York. One of the latest rumors that made the headlines of some media around the league wants the Knicks sending Beno Udrih to the Washington Wizards in exchange for Glen Rice Jr.

The Knicks know well that they can’t afford to continue struggling or playing with mediocrity. The team needs to rise, it needs to get within the first eight spots in the Eastern Conference and get that playoff ticket. Otherwise, this season will be characterized as a total disaster for Mike Woodson’s group. After all, due to the lack of quality in the East, it shouldn’t be that hard for the Knicks, who currently lie 3.5 games behind the eight seed to advance to the postseason.

This Udrih – Rice Jr. swap, of course, will not make such a huge impact to the team’s firepower. If it becomes reality, it should mostly be considered as a correcting move instead of a difference-maker. Glen Rice Jr. is a second-round pick rookie and up to now he had just a little impact for the Wizards’ team. The Knicks are most probably eyeing the next season with their interest in Rice Jr.

The 23-year old shooting guard has appeared in 11 games this season and he is averaging 2.9 points, 1.8 rebounds and 29.7 percent shooting from the field. He will most probably see very limited minutes in New York, if he is acquired by the Knicks, as in Mike Woodson’s rotation, Tim Hardaway Jr. is the backup shooting guard. In fact, Hardaway Jr. has been playing very well up to this point of the season and he is considered one of the top 10 rookies of this season.

On the other hand, Beno Udrih could be a nice complementary piece for the Washington Wizards. Although he never was a star in his nine-year career in the league, he has been a reliable backup guard. When needed, he responded to the Knicks’ demand for a starting point guard, as New York experienced lots of injury issues in its point guards this season.

Udrih is averaging 5.6 points, 3.5 assists and 1.8 rebounds per game this season, while shooting 42.5 percent from the floor and also from three-point range. Of course, he is seeing less minutes than his career-averages, 19.0 per game this season. Beno Udrih could be a nice backup for John Wall and add that extra depth for the Wizards’ playoff run.

If this trade happens, it should happen over the next 48 hours, as the trade window closes on February 20. After that, the teams will have to focus on improving their game for the playoffs and the next time they will be able to perform trades is during summer free-agency.

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