Kevin Love could be the next big thing for the Los Angeles Lakers

Kevin LoveKevin Love could be the next big thing for the Los Angeles Lakers

Let’s be honest. The Los Angeles Lakers simply can’t continue their descending course. At some point, they will need to shake things up. This time might be now or it could be this summer, or the next one. One move the Lakers can do to enter a new era, the post-Kobe one, is to land Kevin Love. Yes, that’s right, Kevin Love could be a perfect fit for the Lakers team. He could be the next superstar of the franchise.

The story goes deeper than just Love hitting the free-agency this summer, if he chooses to opt-out of his option. Love could come to the City of Angels as soon as the summer of 2015, one season prior to the end of Kobe Bryant’s extension.

Whilst the Lakers would certainly want to acquire him even sooner, that seems like an impossible scenario. The Lakers simply don’t have the players to offer to the Minnesota Timberwolves. In addition, the Wolves wouldn’t trade away their best player even if the other side offered a star player.

However, when the Wolves decided to discuss a contract deal with Love, they threw a four-year deal on the table, which was the final one that was signed. But they could have offered a five-year deal. In other words, Love wasn’t actually rewarded for what he brought and what he continues to bring to the team. Although he didn’t seem to be dissatisfied with the deal, he is obviously not the happiest player in the NBA. Especially now, that he sees the Timberwolves continue to be mediocre, despite the roster additions the team made.

Love to the Lakers only makes sense. The team needs to find its next superstar, after Dwight Howard departed from LA and the leagued called off the deal that would have brought Chris Paul to the Lakers last summer.

It’s not just that the 25-year old was born in Santa Monica or that he attended UCLA. There is a flirt between Kevin Love and the Los Angeles Lakers. It has been there for quite some time now and it keeps heating up as time progresses. Now, Lakers fans will have to just sit back and wait if this flirt evolves to a marriage. For now, Love keeps hurting the team. He did so when he sank one three-pointer after another earlier this season against the Lakers, putting up a 25-point and 13-rebound performance.

To put in other words, the Lakers don’t see options available in the horizon. It will be almost impossible to persuade LeBron James to take his talents off South Beach and come to LA. The Heat have already built a dynasty and LeBron is a type of guy who cares more about winning than a few extra millions in his bank account.

Carmelo Anthony could also be a longshot. Melo wants to play for a competitive team and after Kobe’s retirement, which may come in two and a half seasons, Anthony would find himself in a situation similar to the one he experience with the Denver Nuggets, only in another, bigger city.

From whatever view someone views it, Kevin Love seems like a very realistic target, one that makes sense for both parties.

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