Rockets, Pacers & Heat amongst teams interested in Andrew Bynum

Andrew BynumHouston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat amongst the teams interested in Andrew Bynum

After getting officially waived by the Chicago Bulls, Andrew Bynum drew interest by a bunch of teams around the league, mostly title-contenders. Nonetheless, none of them has really made a move in signing the problematic 7-footer, former All-Star center. As the latest reports state, the Houston Rockets, the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat are amongst the top potential destinations. However, there are some issues that come along with the talent Bynum has and they might his way towards finding a team more difficult.

There is no denying Bynum has talent. Almost any team and any GM around the league knows that. What has been under question the past year and a half about him is his will to play or to put it better, the will to even try to play. In addition, his health has always been a major issue. Now, Bynum showed that he is healthy this season and that he can play, but there is no guarantee a team and especially a contender can rely on his services.

Would Andrew Bynum be a good fit for the Indiana Pacers, behind Roy Hibbert and possibly ahead of Ian Mahinmi? Maybe. That would depend on which version of him the Pacers would get. The good thing about such a move would be that the Pacers wouldn’t have to offer more than a veteran’s minimum contract to acquire him. So, he would be a low-cost prospect if he joined Frank Vogel’s group.

Of course, apart from the Pacers, there are several more teams interested in landing the 7-footer center. The Houston Rockets are one of them. With Omer Asik on his way out, the Rockets would happily use a forceful and bulky backup for Dwight Howard. In fact, apart from the Superman, Houston doesn’t actually have much to show in its front line.

The Miami Heat are also interested. They have shown that they are willing to experiment with questionable players, who might not even be able to contribute. That’s what they did when they brought in Greg Oden, who saw his first game since 2009 last night. That’s what they also did with Michael Beasley, who has emerged as a solid contributor off the bench.

Miami seems like a very reasonable destination for Bynum. There, he will have the chance to see some playing time, most probably than Indiana. In addition, the Heat are known to have an issue in their middle. They lack size and bulk and guess who has both. On the other, hand, his attitude and his unwillingness to focus on the game don’t match with the Heat culture.

Except for those three title contenders, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Dallas Mavericks and the New York Knicks are reportedly showing interest in making a move for Bynum. But no team has really made a move. With the course Bynum’s career followed over the last year, it certainly won’t be easy for him to find a team. It’s so disappointing to see an NBA player with All-Star potential fading. It’s not like the NBA is full of capable and talented 7-footers.

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