Head-to-Head Top 100 Fantasy Basketball Players Going Forward

Fantasy BasketballHead-to-Head Top 100 Fantasy Basketball Players Going Forward

Before the season started, I ranked the top 100 fantasy basketball players but it was according to rotisserie format. What did I learn? It seems like most people play head-to-head. I’m not sure whether it’s to emulate the fantasy football experience but it just seems to be that way. For that reason, I promised my readers I would get around to ranking the more popular scoring system in the future. Today is your lucky day!

Head-to-head differs from rotisserie because you can tank a category without it killing you. In rotisserie, you cannot win a league owning a player like Dwight because you’ll end up with the lowest score in the category. In order to win rotisserie, your cumulative score of all the categories determines how you fare. Things are quite different in head-to-head; if you lose on category every week, it barely matters as long as you are winning all the others. Guys with one category flaw are still incredibly valuable. So according to that thought process, I ranked the top 100 players according to head-to-head 8 category scoring. Those categories are as follows: points, field goal percentage, free throw percentage, three pointers made, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. If your league uses turnovers also, there would probably only be a few minor tweaks in the rankings to compensate, so don’t worry too much.

Without further ado, here is how I rank fantasy basketball players for the rest of the 2013-2014 season:

  1. LeBron James – Started slow, and numbers are still a little down, but his crazy across the board numbers plus the almost 56% FG locks him in at #1.
  2. Kevin Love – The only player in the NBA averaging over a double-double that has hit more than three 3-pointers; Love has 40 overall and averages over 2.0 per game. He also leads the NBA in rebounds per game and is averaging a career high in assists (4.1). Really the only thing holding him back from the #1 spot is his lack of defensive stats.
  3. Kevin Durant – Does everything incredibly well including the NBA leader in scoring. However, his FG% is down from 51% last year to 45.3% this year which is a big difference. Honestly though, he only moved down from my initial rankings because of the hot play of Kevin Love and not for poor performance.
  4. Chris Paul – Easily the NBA’s top point guard, Paul is once again leading the NBA in assists……by almost three per game! Paul also compiles nearly 19 PTS, 5 REB and 2.3 STL per contest with excellent percentages so there’s not really any negatives to his game.
  5. Paul George – Emerging as an MVP candidate, George has exceeded my expectations this season and I had him pegged as a top 10 player. Besides rebounds and assists, every single number across the board is up from 2012-13. PG, welcome to the fantasy elite.
  6. Stephen Curry – I think what I wrote on him back in October: greatest shooter of this era will put up monster lines as long as the ankle holds. Except after suffering a concussion earlier this year, I’ll revise “ankle” to “health.”
  7. James Harden – Has been nicked up plenty this season but I assume that will subside soon enough. Once it does, Harden will go back to being the 24/5/5 threat on a nightly basis that we all know and love.
  8. John Wall – Emerging as fantasy (and reality) #2 overall PG after he has improved on his numbers across the board (besides blocks) since last season including #2 in the NBA in AST
  9. Carmelo Anthony – I have a small personal vendetta against him for costing me a fantasy championship a while back, but if I’m ranking impartially, he deserves to be among the fantasy elite. His scoring alone is ultra-valuable in the H2H format.
  10. Dwight Howard – If we’re talking H2H, Dwight skyrockets up the rankings. Sure, you’ll probably never ever win FT% in a given week, but you have a great shot everywhere else. Note: if your league uses turnovers, he will kill you in that category also.
  11. Damian Lillard – Picking up right where he left off in 2013. Averaging nearly 3 triples per game, he also adds 20+ PPG and nearly 6 AST. He is essentially the poor man’s Steph Curry with sturdier ankles.
  12. Kyrie Irving – Puts up similar numbers to Lillard without the eye-popping 3’s.
  13. Russel Westbrook – Actually prefer his talent to both Lillard and Irving, but underwhelming so far and the threat to sit here and there is enough to lower him below the two.
  14. Al Horford – Putting up his best season defensively but the rebounds have plummeted. His FT% dropped the past two seasons and it looks like it won’t be climbing any higher this season either.
  15. DeMarcus Cousins – Finally getting along with his coach. The threat of technical fouls and ejections will always be there but Boogie is showing how well rounded his game truly is this season.
  16. Ty Lawson – Wasn’t high on him going into the season but his uptick in PTS, REB and AST have changed my tune. Carrying this Denver team on his back.
  17. Serge Ibaka – 15/10 type double-double with great percentages and will compete for the league lead in blocks? Where do I sign?
  18. LaMarcus Aldridge – Only player in basketball besides Durant to go 20+ PPG and 1+ BLK last season. Now he’s upped his scoring and rebounding. Not really much to dislike.
  19. Anthony Davis – Out 4-6 weeks after fracturing his non-shooting hand but proved to be a star when healthy. When he returns, immediately returns to the top 5 overall, so just stay patient.
  20. Eric Bledsoe – A brusied shin kept Bledsoe out for six games but don’t undervalue you for that reason. Still one of the best all-around PGs in fantasy. Buy low if the owner is selling.
  21. Blake Griffin – Back to his 20/10 ways, only his FT% holds him back from being a top 20 overall fantasy asset. Quietly one of the best passing big men in basketball.
  22. Andre Drummond – Some people refer to Bledsoe as “baby LeBron” but I think Andre Drummond is closer to being “baby Dwight Howard.” However, if you thought Howard was terrible at free throws, then don’t ever turn on the TV when Drummond is shooting.
  23. Monta Ellis – Dirk and Monta have helped one another get open looks at the basket. Ellis’ scoring is predictably up from last season when he played for slow paced Milwaukee alongside B-Jennings. As the only true scoring guard on the team, he is back to his comfort zone.
  24. Roy Hibbert – There will be no extended cold streak for Roy Hibbert this year! Hot out the gates, Hibbert is nearly a double-double with 3+ BLK and good percentages. Not too shabby.
  25. Nicolas Batum – True across-the-board stud. One of the few players that can produce single digits in points and still produce an excellent fantasy day.
  26. Derrick Favors – Utah didn’t mind letting go of Millsap and Al Jefferson because it’s about time this kid got unleashed. So far, so good considering he’s a double-double with 1.0 STL and BLK respectively. Also an elite FG% producer.
  27. Klay Thompson – Draining ‘em from long range. As the worse half of the splash brothers, he’s improved his FG% to go along with 3.6 3PM per game so far. That may be a little high, but I wouldn’t expect that to fade too much.
  28. Spencer Hawes – I thought I was high on him and he has far exceeded by expectations: 16.2 PPG, 9.9 REB, 3.0 AST, 0.5 STL and 1.7 BLK…….and oh by the way, he’s averaging 1.9 3PM per contest! He’s a bizarro-world Kevin Love.
  29. Michael Carter-Williams – Yahoo Sports gives players a “KABOOM” if they go off for a week in fantasy football. Well, I’m going to have to give MCW a “KABOOM” for the season so far. I’m not 100% sold he can continue at this pace all season.
  30. Gordon Hayward – Don’t let the horrible team fool you; this kid can ball. Does a little bit of everything and the FG% should rebound now that Burke is back to take some of the scoring burden.
  31. Evan Turner – Probably the highest ascent of any player since my original rankings, Turner has become a solid #1 scoring option for the 76ers. Completely unique, too, as he adds 6.8 REB, 3.9 AST and 1.1 STL as a guard.
  32. Mike Conley – With Gay gone, Gasol injured and Randolph gimpy, Conley has put the Grizzlies on his back. 18 and 6 are nice and his 1.5 STL have potential to rise.
  33. Ricky Rubio – Was a sleeper pick to lead the league in assists coming into the season, so the 8.5 AST are a little disappointing. Still, 2nd in the NBA in STL and 4th in AST is pretty dominant, and his FG% doesn’t kill you as much in H2H.
  34. Jeff Teague – Arrival of Dennis Schroeder hasn’t affected his game: averaging a career high in PTS, AST and REB.
  35. Rudy Gay – Would be nice if he could bring his efficiency up but combination of rebounds and defense are nice.
  36. Pau Gasol – As solid as they come. One of the best passing big men in the game also giving you 14 and 10 with almost 1.5 BLK. I think his numbers rise when Kobe is back assuming he resembles his old self.
  37. Brook Lopez – All-star talent, but the injuries are really hindering his season, plus he’s never been a big rebounder.
  38. Dirk Nowitzki – Had a down season last year but rebounding so far. Not quite the Dirk of old but what do you expect from a 35 year old?
  39. Brandon Jennings – Figuring out how to coexist with all the new assets around him lately. In the past 15 days, averaging over 9.0 AST.
  40. Nikola Vucevic – Like I said at the beginning of the season, “Doesn’t have much more upside than last season but we were satisfied with those numbers.” Averaging nearly the same totals.
  41. Deron Williams – The Nets are going to take their sweet time resting Deron Williams’ ankle until it is 100%. That could be a little while, having me starting to worry it could be a lost season.
  42. Chandler Parsons – Houston scores the most points in the NBA and Parsons contributes to that (15.5 PPG, 2.0 3PM) along with the dirty work. Solid but not spectacular.
  43. Al Jefferson – As long as he stays healthy, he will be solid, but would you bet on that? Me neither.
  44. Arron Afflalo – Maybe the NBA’s most improved player, Afflalo has taken his reputation as “just a scorer” and turned into a complete player: 22.6 PPG, 2.4 3PM, 4.6 REB, 4.2 AST and 0.9 STL.
  45. Jrue Holiday – Took him a little while to get acquainted with the Pelicans but has been awesome lately. Plus, the loss of Anthony Davis should give him a temporary boost in scoring.
  46. Tony Parker – Solid, efficient scorer but the lack of 3’s and STL keep him out of the top tier of PGs.
  47. Greg Monroe – Complete big man but Drummond’s emergence and Smith’s arrival have caused his numbers to dip.
  48. Josh Smith – Poor percentages, PTS and REB are down and he turns the ball over a lot. At the same time, his defense will make his flaws easier to swallow. More valuable in H2H than rotisserie.
  49. Victor Oladipo – I raved about his all-around talent preseason so it was a pleasure to watch his first career triple-double earlier this week. I expect him to improve as the year goes on and I don’t expect that triple-double to be his last.
  50. David Lee – Roster changes, including the health of Bogut, have cause Lee’s numbers to drop. Still, nothing wrong with 17.2 and 9.2 and will benefit whenever the giant Australian sits.
  51. DeAndre Jordan – A guy I love to own in H2H. You can just punt FT% because his FG%, REB and defense are completely worth it. Went from 7.2 REB last year to 12.8 so far.
  52. Ryan Anderson – Dominant three point shooter whose value gets a bump while Anthony Davis is out. I just wish he game some form of defensive stats to complete his game.
  53. Kyle Lowry – Playing with a splint on his hand but has one of the most roto-friendly games of any PGs. Seems to be made of glass so beware the injury risk.
  54. Dwyane Wade – Has been rested way too much for my liking and is declining every year.
  55. DeMar DeRozan – Definition of a pure scorer.
  56. Kobe Bryant – Sounds like he could return Sunday but I can’t put him any higher until I see him play. Could resemble his old self or could look absolutely nothing like it. Remains to be seen.
  57. Paul Millsap – Has really disappointed so far this season as I expected his numbers to skyrocket. Inconsistency for Millsap owners is maddening, so just know what you’ve got when you own him.
  58. Goran Dragic – Was more comfortable when Bledsoe was injured but will be just fine either way. Will need a little time to adjust playing in the Suns’ new system but if a guy can play then a guy can play.
  59. Kemba Walker – Prime example of a guy with a better name than fantasy game. 4.1 AST? From a PG? Just not enough for me.
  60. Kevin Martin – If he didn’t have a scroll for a past injury history, I’d be more confident in ranking him higher. In fairness, he’s playing out of his mind so far this season, scoring over 23.2 points per contest.
  61. Luol Deng – Time for Deng to put this team on his back yet again with their superstar out. Hasn’t disappointed so far and I don’t think he will from here on out either.
  62. Tim Duncan – Old faithful still puts up retro Duncan type numbers every once in a while. Then again, he sits a lot also.
  63. Enes Kanter – Went through a cold stretch earlier this season but that’s to be expected from a young player. Going to give you enough PTS and REB going forward that he will be well worth owning especially with his excellent FG% and solid FT shooting.
  64. Chris Bosh – Recent string of single-digit scoring games assures you he’s #3 on the Miami totem pole. Talent seems to be depreciating slowly.
  65. Bradley Beal – Currently dealing with a leg injury. Solid player when healthy with potential to move inside the top 40.
  66. OJ Mayo – Every single Buck has been maddening to own this year because Larry Drew changes his rotation every game. If there’s one I’d want to own for the rest of the year though, it’s definitely Mayo.
  67. Isaiah Thomas – In my eyes, easily the best PG on the Kings roster. I just wish they’d give him a chance to play a full allotment of minutes every single night.
  68. Joakim Noah – Basically has gone from difference maker to role player for your fantasy team in the course of a season. All his numbers are down but hopefully the injury to Rose will be the magic elixir he needs to recover.
  69. Lance Stephenson – Who cares if/when Granger is coming back? Stephenson has clearly supplanted himself as the starting two guard for the Pacers for the foreseeable future.
  70. Trevor Ariza – Pleasant surprise so far this year. We assumed the steals would be there but the 15+ PPG, 2.6 3PM and 5.7 REB were unexpected.
  71. Thaddeus Young – Inconsistent but always shows flashes and has a solid all-around line.
  72. Kawhi Leonard – Steals machine but I really thought/hoped the points would be there this season also. They haven’t been, therefore he’s this far down the list.
  73. Andrea Bargnani – I instructed fantasy owners not to draft him in an article I wrote preseason. Of course, then Chandler went down with an injury for an extended period of time. Lately, has been as solid as his days in Toronto. Do we truly trust him to stay healthy though?
  74. Gerald Henderson – A poor man’s DeMar DeRozan.
  75. Eric Gordon – As long as we’re talking about “poor man’s,” Gordon is a poor man’s Kevin Martin within the elite amount of points. He holds the same amount of injury risk if not more.
  76. Jeff Green – Nearly 2 3’s per game and 5 REB over the last 8 games. Also putting up 20 PPG during that stretch so if he keeps that up, he will move above the 70’s in my rankings.
  77. Marcin Gortat – Solid fantasy center. Does the things you need from a center (FG%, REB, BLK), and like most others, doesn’t make his free throws.
  78. Carlos Boozer – Bulls’ #2 scoring option with no Rose. Solid FG% and rebounds to boot.
  79. Kyle Korver – Tied an NBA record last game by hitting a three pointer in 89 consecutive games. That pretty much sums up what he gives you: threes.
  80. George Hill – Kind of a two guard playing the point. Does nothing unbelievable but he’s not bad either.
  81. Rajon Rondo – Sounds like he’s closing in on a return. When healthy, he is an absolute stud. The question is how close to 100% will he be when he returns? I really hope we see the old Rondo because he’s one of my two favorite players to watch in the NBA.
  82. Zach Randolph – Double-double machine but future with Memphis is unclear and sometimes tends to give half an effort when things don’t go his way. Been dealing with a bad toe recently.
  83. Wesley Matthews – Been balling lately despite playing through a bad hip but the looming return of CJ McCollum has me worried about his long term value.
  84. Andre Iguodala – Injured and giving us literally zero scoring. Decent if you just need a passing/defensive role player.
  85. Rodney Stuckey – Has become a staple in the Piston offense. Gives you just enough AST and STL to keep you happy too.
  86. Trey Burke – Expect him to struggle a bit getting acquainted to the NBA game but when he figures it out he’s going to explode.
  87. Martell Webster – Stellar play while Ariza and Beal have been out probably has earned him a significant role for the rest of the season.
  88. Kenneth Faried – Double-double threat every single night because of his freakish athleticism. Wish he contributed more to defensive fantasy stats though which is why he’s this low.
  89. Nene – He’s scoring, he’s rebounding, he’s passing and he’s getting the defensive stats. Every year he’s one of the best FG% producers also. Like many guys, we’re just praying that he stays off the inactive list.
  90. Paul Pierce – It feels weird to say but there isn’t much to like about Paul Pierce anymore. He’s old, injured, on a team that doesn’t mind sitting players and one that hasn’t figured out how to play together yet. Starting to feel like the Nets just aren’t going to work out.
  91. Jared Sullinger – Starting to break out once coach Brad Stevens gave him the green light to start shooting 3’s.
  92. Raymond Felton – Nothing more than a low tier PG but some fantasy teams could use that.
  93. Nikola Pekovic – 15.5 PPG and 8.7 REB with over 52% FG. If you’re looking for AST, STL or BLK however, look elsewhere.
  94. Terrence Jones – Earned the starting PF job on the Rockets with solid but unspectacular play. That’s what he is; solid but unspectacular.
  95. JR Smith – Battling injury and scoring much less than last season. Maybe when Chandler comes back, he’ll retain his old role once again?
  96. Harrison Barnes – It took an Iguodala injury but he now looks like a safe bet to be a consistent contributor to the Warriors offense.
  97. Ersan Ilyasova – Fighting the coach and injury to sustain solid fantasy value. Barely hanging onto it.
  98. Tobias Harris – I love the talent but he just hasn’t been healthy so who knows what to expect.
  99. Jeremy Lin – Was playing like the best PG on the roster before injuring his knee. Should be back soon so expect him to regain his role in no time.
  100. Tristan Thompson – Exploded yesterday for a career high 21 rebounds. Need to see more consistency before he can rise in the rankings because he has scored in single digits four of his last seven games.

Let me know how you feel about my rankings, according to head-to-head formatting, by commenting on this article or hitting me up on twitter.

Author: Ricky Sanders, @RSandersFR

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