Goran Dragic is a top five point guard for your fantasy team

Goran DragicGoran Dragic is a top five point guard for your fantasy team

It’s no secret that the Phoenix Suns have surprised the entire NBA world with their outputs this season. It’s also no secret that Goran Dragic has been the player who has led the Suns into a successful run this season. The truth is that the Suns were projected to tank in the 2013-2014 campaign. After trading away a bunch of their core members and due to the fact that their newcomer star, Eric Bledsoe, suffered a season-ending injury, almost any analyst around the NBA had the Suns scratched off from his list of playoff-caliber teams.

However, after this terrific course the Suns have recorded up to now, they are now considered as a team that will most probably make the playoffs and in fact, they can be very dangerous. Goran Dragic, who was expected to make the All-Star Game thanks to his incredible performances, can now be considered a top five point guard for your fantasy team. Let’s see some facts about the 27-year old point guard out of Yugoslavia.

Dragic’s numbers tell the truth. Numbers almost never lie. The veteran point guard is averaging 20.5 PPG, 6.2 APG, 3.5 RPG, 50.7 FG% and 41.3 3P%. If that’s not impressive, we have to keep in mind that all of these numbers are above his career averages and in fact, his points per game are almost double from his career-average.

The truth is that when Eric Bledsoe was diagnosed with a torn meniscus, the Suns’ hopes for a participation in the postseason were almost diminished. After all, how could a team with almost no star power and in a rebuilding mode make the playoffs? Of course, Dragic was expected to uplift his performance, now that he wouldn’t have Bledsoe on his side. Nevertheless, no one really expected such a big improvement. Dragic thankfully managed to build a nice chemistry with players who are also surprising the league with their performance. Gerald Green, P.J. Tucker, Channing Frye and the Morris brothers have really managed to play better than anyone expected. The Suns have also managed to build great chemistry within their team, something that has vitally help them achieve that impressive 36-25 record for .590 this season.

Goran Dragic was a name that was heavily discussed for the All-Star Game this season. Of course, he had almost no chance of making into the Western All-Star starters, as big name guards, Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry, clinched the starting positions. Fans wouldn’t vote for an emerging guard like Dragic to place him so high in the balloting, that he would easily get his participation. However, lots of analysts believed that Dragic would make the reserve team for the first time in his career in the NBA. His non-selection received some criticism, because his numbers this season certainly qualified him for the All-Star Game. The certain fact is that if Dragic and the Phoenix Suns continue to perform like that for the next season, too, he can almost be considered a lock for the ASG. Sometimes, fans need time to adjust to the idea that a new star has now emerged. We saw that happening last season with Stephen Curry, too, who wasn’t selected as an All-Star despite playing at All-Star levels. This year, he was the starting point guard for the Western All-Stars.

Of course, team success has definitely affected Dragic’s production and as a result his fantasy value. The Suns have managed to stay at the seventh seed of the Western Conference and they were projected to do even better, if they agreed on a trade during the trade deadline. Names like Pau Gasol and Luol Deng were thrown on the table and the Suns did have the assets to seal such a deal. Armed with a bunch of draft picks over the next two years and the expiring contract of Emeka Okafor, the Suns could trade with almost any team in the league, as every team wants to get a high but even a mid-round pick in the first round of the loaded 2014 NBA draft class. However, the team chose to stay pat and now it will have to wait till the summer to make something happen.

Until then, Dragic is expected to continue playing at the highest level. The 27-year old guard is considered a top five point guard for your fantasy team at the moment and he is expected to stay within the top five till the end of the season. Damian Lillard, John Wall, Stephen Curry and Isaiah Thomas rank above him. However, Dragic will have to face a tough competition. Chris Paul is back from his injury and he is gradually uplifting his performance, as the Los Angeles Clippers make a final push towards a better seed in the West. Russell Westbrook is also back and healthy and he has been a factor for OCK since his return. Both of those superstars will threaten Dragic’s fantasy ranking moving forward. But even if Dragic falls one of a couple of spots, he will continue to make fantasy team owners who have him in their team happy. That’s because he has emerged as the leader of the Phoenix Suns this season and due to the fact that he has been delivering with consistency, he is not expected to slow down.

You should certainly keep an eye on Dragic at least until the end of the regular season. No matter if you own him or not, you should keep him under your scope not just for this current season but for the next one, too. Dragic is just entering his prime and he will certainly be a valuable piece of any team next season. Those owners who decided to draft him earlier into the season, now they can sit back and watch their emerging star delivering big numbers almost every time he steps his foot on the court.

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