The Golden State Warriors are interested in a trade for Kirk Hinrich

Kirk HinrichThe Golden State Warriors interested in a trade for Kirk Hinrich

The Golden State Warriors have been involved in a bunch of trade rumors as of lately. One of the most recent ones states that the Dubs have strong interest in searching a trade for Kirk Hinrich from the Chicago Bulls. The Warriors are actively searching for a backup for Stephen Curry at the point guard position and Hinrich seems like a very tempting target.

The veteran point guard is on the last season of his contract with the Chicago Bulls and he is in the books for $4 million by the end of the season. Although Hinrich had some injury issues over the past few seasons and despite the fact he is not putting up huge numbers, he can be considered as an upgrade for the backup point guard position in Golden State.

Hinrich has started drawing much interest from a bunch of teams around the league as soon as the Bulls initiated the Luol Deng trade. With Chicago entering a rebuild mode around Derrick Rose, it’s obvious that they are now willing to trade away more players and Hinrich is considered as one of the top targets.

On the other hand, the Dubs are also rumored to have strong interest in Denver Nuggets’ veteran point guard Andre Miller. The Nuggets are actively searching for a way to trade away Miller and it seems like the Warriors will make a push for him.

The certain thing is that Golden State is not happy with Toney Douglas, who is currently the backup point guard of the team. Douglas is averaging just 3.8 points and 0.8 assists per game, while shooting 37.2 percent from the floor and 32.2 percent from long range.

In fact, the Warriors don’t receive much production from their bench. Apart from Harrison Barnes, there is no other active player who averages more than 6.0 points per game and that might hurt the Warriors come playoff time.

That’s why all eyes are currently focused on Kirk Hinrich. The 33-year old point guard is averaging 7.8 points, 4.7 assists and 2.9 rebounds per game this season with the Bulls. Of course, if this trade happens, it won’t be a franchise-changing one. Nonetheless, it will certainly solidify the Warriors’ role as a title contender. In addition, it will be a significant addition for the team’s playoff course.

Due to Stephen Curry’s injury record, a backup point guard who can take over the starting job will always be required for the Golden State Warriors. It’s obvious that Toney Douglas is not that player. It’s even questionable if Andre Miller is the right one. The sure thing is that whoever will be assigned with this role, he will have big shoes to fill in.

If the Bulls decide to trade away Kirk Hinrich, their asking price might be relatively high. Of course, Chicago isn’t chasing the title this season, however, they won’t just give away one of their best assets. So the right offer should be planned by the Dubs before making a move for him. Fortunately, the Bulls want to dump salary this season and they will most probably accept a deal that allows them to do so.

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