More Fantasy Basketball Value: Chris Bosh or Roy Hibbert?

Fantasy BasketballMore Fantasy Basketball Value: Chris Bosh or Roy Hibbert?

Chris Bosh and Roy Hibbert are two of the key pieces of the top top two teams in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Bosh was a natural power forward in his early career, but with his transfer to the Miami Heat, he has alternated between the four and five spots. On the other hand, Roy Hibbert is a true center who comes from a collegiate bloodline that includes Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning and Dikembe Mutombo.

That being said, both are different players, as Hibbert is mainly a defensive cog for Indiana. He plays on the inside and doesn’t have much of an outside game, although he is a very good free throw shooter. Meanwhile, Chris Bosh is the sweet shooting big man from Miami who can hit the three-pointer.  While Bosh is primarily an offensive option, Hibbert is the opposite, but who is more valuable to fantasy basketball team owners?

Let us examine the stats:


Chris Bosh is ranked 6th among NBA centers in scoring with his 16.4 points per game average. Roy Hibbert is ranks lower at #16, because his scoring average is just 11.3 points per game. Bosh’s 52.0% field goal clip is #8th amongst centers, while Hibbert is shooting at a lower 45.9% filed goal percentage per game. Bosh also has 158 more field goal attempts and 125 more made field goals. So it’s pretty easy to say that Bosh is indeed the better shooter than Hibbert despite the fact that he takes mid-range jump shots.

As to numbers, Chris Bosh makes two more field goals per game than Roy Hibbert, even though he takes 2.7 more shots per game. This means that Bosh has more touches, hence he has more opportunities to score from the field.

Bosh is the best free throw shooting center in the NBA at 81.8%. Hibbert is 5th at 77.9%. Chris Bosh has made 12 more free throws than Roy Hibbert despite the fact that the Indiana Pacers’ big man only has 3 fewer attempts than Bosh.

The main advantage of Chris Bosh in offense is his three-point shooting. Bosh has a sweet touch from three-point distance. In fact he is one of the best three-point shooting big men in the league. He is averaging 0.9 three-point makes per game, but in his last five games (as of March 27), Bosh is averaging four three-pointers per game. Now that’s a big bonus for any team. So Bosh could get on a hot streak and give very high three-point numbers to his fantasy basketball owners. On the other hand, Hibbert is virtually non-existent from the three-point area.

Both big men cancel out each other in the assists department. Bosh is dishing 1.9 dimes per game, while Hibbert is dishing out 1.2 assists per game.

Based on the offensive statistics, Chris Bosh is statistically the better player over Roy Hibbert.  Bosh is part of the Big 3 in Miami, so he gets the touches and shot attempts. As for Hibbert, his shot attempts per game is only fifth overall on his own team, which means that he is not designed to be the Pacers ‘primary scoring option.


Roy Hibbert and Chris Bosh rank next to each other in rebounds per game, with Hibbert having the slight edge at 7.0 rebounds per game as compared to Bosh’s 6.8 rebounds per game. Although Chris Bosh is the better defensive rebounder by a +1.2 defensive rebounds per game margin, Hibbert tops him in the offensive rebounding department by a margin of +1.4 offensive rebounds per game. Chris Bosh has a big advantage in the steals department, as he is #7 amongst NBA centers with his 1.01 steals per game average. Hibbert is far off at 0.38 steals per game.

Roy Hibbert separates himself from Chris Bosh on the defensive side by dominating the blocked shots category. Hibbert is the NBA’s 4th best shot blocker at 2.33 blocks per game. Chris Bosh manages only 0.9 blocked shots per game, the same average as Hibbert’s back up Ian Mahinmi. Roy Hibbert has 103 more total shot blocks than Chris Bosh, and has only played in three more games.


Roy Hibbert has 15 double-doubles this season while Chris Bosh only has six to his credit. Hibbert is #18 in double-doubles amongst NBA centers while Bosh is only #27. Hibbert turns the ball over  1.9 times per game while Bosh is losing the ball 1.5 times per contest. Both have nearly the same assists to turnover ratio with Bosh’s 0.72 per game and Hibbert’s 0.62 per game. Roy Hibbert has already committed 243 fouls this season.  Chris Bosh has been guilty of 170 turnovers thus far.

Injury report

Chris Bosh has been a very healthy player in all of his 11 seasons in the NBA.  Roy Hibbert has been just as healthy too in his entire career.  So both these men are durable warriors of the NBA.


Below is a summary of fantasy basketball rankings for both players:

Chris Bosh                                            Roy Hibbert

Fantasy SP rating 15.28 14.25
ESPN Player rating 28.33 22.55
ESPN PER 19.53 14.72
CBS Sports #17 Power Forward #21 Center


Even though Chris Bosh can alternate the power forward and center position, his numbers match well with a pure center like Roy Hibbert. Offensively, Bosh is easily the better player. He beats out Hibbert in scoring: points per game, field goal percentage, field goals made, free throw shooting, three-point makes, steals and assists. On the other hand, Hibbert beats up Bosh in the blocks department. He also tops Bosh in double-doubles, but Bosh is the better ball thief.

If we take a look at total points for the past 30 games, Fantasy SP lists Chris Bosh as amassing a total of 1,782 total points. Hibbert has managed 1,524 total points in that same period.

So based on the figures, Chris Bosh beats Roy Hibbert as far as fantasy basketball value goes, but not by much.

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