Derrick Rose doesn’t want to be a part of a Chicago Bulls rebuild

Derrick RoseDerrick Rose doesn’t want to be a part of a Chicago Bulls rebuild

The Chicago Bulls are certainly in a tough situation. The team had been waiting for the return of its superstar point guard, Derrick Rose, for a year and a half. And just about when he came back to action and spread hope to all Bulls fans about a potential run for the championship, he suffered yet another season-ending injury. Now, Chicago has to think about the next day, which may include a rebuild around Derrick Rose. According to the latest reports, the 25-year old superstar doesn’t want to be a part of such a process.

The Bulls might see big changes during this summer. Luol Deng is set to become an unrestricted free agent and there are many chances he won’t stay in Chicago. In fact, the Bulls might want to let some of their players go thus initiating a deep rebuild around Rose.

In addition, Chicago has a couple of big contracts that it might want to get rid of. Carlos Boozer is owed $16.8 million for the next season and Joakim Noah is in the books for $13.5 million. Although the Bulls might keep one of their big men, there are many chances they seek for trades.

Certainly, the Bulls are almost certain to retain Derrick Rose, despite all his health issues during the last couple of seasons. Jimmy Butler can also be considered as a lock for Chicago, as he is a young and emerging player. Apart from them, it’s obvious that the Bulls need to add young talent in their arsenal as the team’s target is the future. This season can be considered as a lost one. There is no way the Chicago Bulls can fight against the Indiana Pacers or the Miami Heat without Derrick Rose and seriously contend for a championship.

A positive fact for Chicago is that they have two first-round picks for the 2014 draft, so a portion of young talent will be injected in the roster next season. But the Bulls will need more than that.

There will be many difficult decisions to take for Chicago this summer, maybe even sooner. With Derrick Rose just entering his prime and after two severe injuries that kept him off the courts of the NBA for an extended time, Chicago will need to cook up a clever plan for its future.

Rose has three more seasons left in his contract with Chicago, so there are little chances of him moving to another team. Of course, there is always the possibility of him demanding a trade. But the Bulls will need to do anything to avoid such a scenario. They will need to find the trades and the players that will fit to the current roster. And they will need to do that quickly.

Chicago has already lost two seasons. They can’t afford to lose the next one, too. What the team’s management really needs to do is to make this team competitive once again. That way Derrick Rose will be happy, the fans will be happy, everyone will be happy.

2 Responsesto “Derrick Rose doesn’t want to be a part of a Chicago Bulls rebuild”

  1. Trade Rose, what a bum, he misses 2 seasons and now he wants to call the shots? I'd rather be a bad TEAM, than one held prisoner by some USELESS BUM!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree. This guy has missed almost 2 full seasons and now doesn't want to be part of the rebuilding process? He has caused this rebuilding process.


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