Could Danny Granger join the Miami Heat?

Could Danny Granger join the Miami Heat?

The Philadelphia 76ers acquired Danny Granger in a trade with the Indiana Pacers at the trade deadline. The 76ers traded away Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen and acquired the 30-year old veteran forward. Nonetheless, the Sixers could end up agreeing on a buyout with Granger soon and he could end up joining the Miami Heat. That might seem like a scenario out of a science fiction film, but it could become reality sooner than later.

Danny Granger is unhappy with the trade, as reported. And of course, this seems rational, since he was moved from a title contender to a team that is tanking for good. Reportedly, the former All-Star forward has requested for a buyout. If the 76ers agree and the two sides can make their marriage last days, way shorter than initially expected, the Miami Heat could be one of the strongest suitors for his talents. In fact, the Heat and the San Antonio Spurs are considered as the best teams-destinations for Granger.

If Granger ends up playing for the Miami Heat, this will be a very odd outcome. Granger was playing for the Heat’s strongest rivals in the West up to now. Of course, Miami wouldn’t be able to acquire him any other way than a buyout, since they didn’t have the needed assets to trade with Indiana. It would be also almost impossible for the two rivals to agree on a trade, as neither one wants the other to empower its roster. The Heat also didn’t have a roster spot open so they couldn’t acquire another player.

That’s why the Roger Mason Jr. trade is so important for the Heat. By sending him to the Sacramento Kings for a second-round pick in 2015, the Heat also freed up a roster spot so they could end up acquiring another player. Will Danny Granger be the one?

Now, Granger would be a great fit in Erik Spoelstra’s rotation. He is a versatile forward, who could backup LeBron James, allowing Spo to use Michael Beasley more at the backup power forward position. Granger has been a solid three-point shooter for his career and the Miami Heat always welcome guys with shooting abilities. In fact, he could be the missing piece in Miami’s push for the title this season, the player whom the Heat currently lack in order to match up against the Indiana Pacers.

Granger is a terrific scorer and although this season he is averaging just 8.3 points, 3.6 rebounds and 35.9 field goal percentage, he could have a fresh start in Miami and hopefully perform better. After all, the Heat won’t need him to put up huge numbers. Granger could give as much as Ray Allen is currently offering to the team. Space the floor, provide some extra scoring and shoot only from his comfort zones, allowing the Big Three to take most of the offensive load.

Such a move would also satisfy Danny Granger’s ego, as he would now have a chance to punish his former team for trading him away.

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