Cleveland Cavaliers might be part of a 3-team deal for Omer Asik

Cleveland CavaliersThe Cleveland Cavaliers might be the a part of a three-team deal for Omer Asik

With so many scenarios about a potential Omer Asik trade, this deal should have already been reality. And yet, we are about to explore another trade scenario. According to reports, the Cleveland Cavaliers might play the role of the third team involved in a trade, which would sent Asik to the Boston Celtics. If this scenario becomes the Cavs will acquire Jeff Green, a move that they seem to be eager much to perform.

Cleveland has been searching for an upgrade at its small forward position and Jeff Green seems to be the perfect fit. The 27-year old forward is averaging 16.1 points, 4.5 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game this season with the C’s. He has emerged as the leader of the team during the time that Rajon Rondo is absent. Green is shooting 44.8 percent from the floor and 39.6 percent from three-point territory. If this deal becomes reality, Green is projected to boost the Cavs’ firepower on the offensive end significantly. Jeff Green is currently recording arguably the best season of his career and there is no sing of him slowing down. He is just entering his prime and that is another optimistic sign the Cavs have to consider before pulling the trigger.

The Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers are considered as the strongest candidates for a potential Omer Asik trade. With Cleveland’s entrance in the game, this looks like a scenario that works well for all sides. Now it only remains to be seen if Boston is actually willing to give away one of the team’s best player in exchange for Asik.

The Houston Rockets will most probably acquire a first-round pick, which looks like a very tempting piece for them. The Rockets, of course, would like to see an instant upgrade in their team, however they can wait a season or two before drafting a promising young guy. Houston has several years of potential success ahead and a first-round pick would only work in their favor.

The flirt between Jeff Green and the Cavaliers is not now. The Cavs were interested in the 6’9” forward and made a request for him, before Green decided to re-sign with the C’s. Now, it seems like the time is right for them to perform this deal. Cleveland wouldn’t want to get involved into an Asik-for-Anderson Varejao trade, as they seem to like and trust the Argentinian center. But now that the Celtics are also involved, this deal only makes sense. It could work perfectly for all three teams.

The truth is that there too many trade scenarios currently around Omer Asik. The Rockets have been searching to find the best one and go ahead with the deal. However, the trade gets stuck every time for various reasons. Houston reportedly asks too much in order to give Asik away.

But this scenario seems like a realistic one and there doesn’t seem to be a team that will get less than it actually wants out of it.

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