Chris Bosh says that he and LeBron will be in Miami next season

Chris BoshChris Bosh says that he and LeBron will be in Miami next season

Big news Miami Heat fans. Big new for lots of fans of other teams around the league, who expected to see LeBron James or Chris Bosh hitting the free agency this summer, too. During his interview at The Dan Le Batard Show, Chris Bosh said it. He and LeBron will stay in Miami next season, although they both have the ability to opt – out of their contracts. Of course, that might not be big news for Miami at the moment, as the team is trying to break out of its recent slump and get ready for the playoffs. However, it’s a great momentum booster for the entire Heat nation, which is now a little more relaxed and assured that it will have its Big Three onboard next season – Dwyane Wade is going nowhere, of course.

During the show, Chris Bosh was asked Dan Le Batard if he will be in South Beach next season and he replied with just one word, which, though, has a great essence.


That’s what Bosh said about his stay in Miami. And then, when the same question about LeBron followed, he repeated:


His statements came to put an end to the speculation about the deformation of the Big Three in Miami or at least delay the discussions for at least one more year. Of course, CB could have sounded skeptical. He could have said that the entire team is currently focusing on three – peating at the moment rather than considering about what’s about to happen next season. He could say something like “we’ll have the time to think during the summer”. However, simply put, he sounded definite and sure about himself but also his teammate.

With LeBron and Bosh onboard and no matter what the outcome of the Heat’s championship run this year might be, Miami will have the opportunity to chase the Larry O’Brien trophy next season, too. The dynasty LeBron, Bosh and Wade have built in the East will continue to reign and possibly, defend its crown.

Miami is getting ready to make a strong push during the 2014 NBA playoffs. Things could come easy for them till the Eastern Conference Finals, when they will most probably meet their biggest rivals this season, the Indiana Pacers. The truth is that despite the Pacers’ incredible start of the 2013 – 2014 season, the Heat seem to be more mature and well – prepared to win the series. There is no denying that Indiana is an emerging team, which stands big chances to top the defending champs this season. However, as of lately, Fank Vogel’s group is experiencing a small slump. With the playoffs getting closer and closer, the Pacers don’t have much time to pile things up.

LeBron was expected to be the hottest free – agent available this summer, if he ever chose to opt – out of his contract. A bunch of teams were reportedly interested in making a push for him, with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks being at the top of the list. In fact, there was much speculation about the new “Decision” LeBron would have to make in the summer of 2014, four years after he joined his buddy, D – Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. However, with Bosh stating that he and LBJ will stay in South Beach next season, no matter the result of the 2014 playoffs, it’s now crystal clear that the entire Heat team is devoted to finding success under the current formation.

Lots of people around the league expected LeBron to depart for another team, which would give him better chances to win more rings over the course of the next few seasons. Dwyane Wade has been experiencing some troubles with his knees during the last couple of seasons and he is getting no healthier as he gets older. On top of that, the Heat have a bunch of aging role players, like Ray Allen and Shane Battier, who don’t have much fuel left in their basketball tank. In fact, Battier has already seen a drastic decrease in his performance this season and Ray Allen is turning 39 next season. So how longer can the Heat stay at the top of their game?

LeBron is known to be ring – hungry. At least that’s what he was before he came to Miami and won his first two rings. Will he choose to depart from Miami to join another contender, perhaps the Lakers or the Knicks, in the summer of 2015? If the Heat start going south, due to the aging factor and due to Wade’s health issues next season, will LeBron decide to seek for a better future? After all he will be in the middle of his prime and he could certainly chase one or more rings with a team that is able to support him.

Some rumors earlier in the season pointed out that Chris Bosh would be eager to depart from Miami, in order to clinch an alpha dog role in another team. However, as of lately and due to Wade’s off – nights and inconsistencies through the season, Bosh has stepped up. He is now as essential to the team as anyone else and that’s clearly exposed during the few times he had to sit, during this or the previous season. Up to now, Bosh was the third wheel of the Big Three in Miami but only because he chose to. Now that Wade is not at his 100 percent, Bosh responded to the urgency call and he stepped up, helping his team whenever it was necessary.

Thankfully for Heat fans, we will have to wait for one more, full season to find out the answer. Miami will now be able to focus on its championship run without distractions and without much pressure on its shoulders, as the Indiana Pacers are the ones trying to dethrone them.

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