Is Chris Bosh the most likely to leave Miami this summer?

Chris BoshIs Chris Bosh the most likely to leave Miami this summer?

Two scenarios: First one wants the Miami Heat three-peating, celebrating and justifying that they are a true dynasty. That will give yet another great reason for the Big Three, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to stay in Miami no matter what the future might be. After all, Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra and the rest of the management team has proven that even when the team is failing, they know how to turn things around.

The second scenario, though, wants the Heat losing to the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals, maybe not even going to a sixth or seventh game. Now what will happen then? Will the era of the Big Three be over? Will it be proven that new, emerging teams can top the already established mega-powers of the league?

Hopefully for all Heat fans, the first scenario will be the one closest to reality. Hopefully the team has enough in its basketball tank, enough to win it all this season, too. And for the 2014-2015 season, Pat Riley will certainly find a way to work his magic once again and make this team even more powerful.

Nonetheless, if the second scenario ends up being the reality, then the Heat will be on the verge of the end of an era, the Big Three one. Let’s see why.

It’s almost impossible for Dwyane Wade to leave Miami. The 31-year old superstar has spent his entire professional basketball life in South Beach, he has won three rings and he is really close of getting his fourth. Miami loves him and he loves Miami. There are almost zero chances of him departing from South Beach to seek for another team this summer, although he has the chance to. The Big Three have all the opportunity to opt-out of their contracts and become unrestricted free-agents this summer, if they choose to.

With that said, LeBron James will most probably not leave Miami this summer either. Now, I am not saying that King James will retire as a member of the Heat franchise. He is relatively young and things could be radically different in South Beach in two or three years from now. But at least for this summer, it seems highly unlikely that LeBron will leave his buddy, D-Wade to seek for a better environment. Yes LeBron is devoted in winning more and more rings and he will still have a great chance of chasing his next one alongside Wade, even if his knees continue to get worse.

But how about Chris Bosh? Does he have a great reason to stay in South Beach? Yes? What is that one please? What did you say? Rings? Ok, he got some of those. What else? Money? Fame? Admiration? An alpha-dog role?

The truth is that if there is one member of the Big Three who could depart from Miami this summer, that’s Chris Bosh. It doesn’t make sense? Well it should be. Bosh accepted the third-wheel role to join the Heat and although he certainly seems to be satisfied with the team success he and the Heat have found since his arrival, at this stage of his career he could be asking for more.

Really, Bosh’s contribution to the success of the Miami Heat sometimes gets overshadowed by LeBron’s stardom. Of course, LeBron is a better player and Wade is also more capable, at least when healthy. But hey, let’s see what is Bosh is offering to this team.

He is a 6’11” shooting guard in the body of a power forward, who is playing the center position for a team that has struggle to find a reliable center since the Big Three were initially formed. Bosh is doing it all. He is scoring, mainly from mid-range and as of lately, from beyond the arc, too. He can also score from close to the rim and he does, especially when he is matched against heavy and slow centers. He is also a terrific rebounder – (by the way do you remember who grabbed that rebound and then assisted the ball to Ray Allen, who hit that season-saving three in Game 6 of the 2013 Finals?), on both ends of the court, he spaces the floor so that LeBron and Wade can work their magic driving the lanes. Oh and he is also assigned with the task of defending the best big man of each team the Heat have to face. And he does even more than that. You want me to prove it to you?

Ok. Simple.

Just imagine the Heat without Chris Bosh. Yes, really, imagine Miami playing the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals without CB. Do things look nice for them? Do you consider them capable of winning a Pacers team, which features Roy Hibbert, David West and Luis Scola? I don’t.

Of course, Bosh is not irreplaceable. If he choose to test free-agency this summer, the Heat will have to seek for replacements. So who could they bring in? What about Pau Gasol? He will be an unrestricted free-agent this summer and his salary is almost equal to Bosh’s for this current season. It doesn’t look nice, right? Kevin Love could be an option, too, but he will have the chance to leave the Timberwolves next summer. Unless the Heat agree on a sign-and-trade for Bosh, they will have major difficulties trying to find his replacement, if he ever chooses to leave.

The truth is that LeBron and Wade are much more bonded in Miami. Bosh has always been the third wheel, the third member of the Big Three. Up to now, he seems to be satisfied with this role, or at least, that’s what we know. Will he continue to be satisfied in Miami, especially if the Heat lose the championship this season? Will he stay in South Beach after this summer? No one in Miami would like to see him go. He is an ingredient necessary for the Heat’s success.

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