Charles Barkley says he wants to see LeBron back in Cleveland

LeBronCharles Barkley says he wants to see LeBron back in Cleveland

Charles Barkley has always been disliked in Miami, at least ever since the formation of the Big Three. That’s because he was opposed to the idea of LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to join his buddy, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. Now, Barkley stroked once again, stating that he would like to see LeBron returning to Cleveland.

The 50-year old Hall-of-Famer was recently interviewed and criticized Heat fans. He has the right to do it, as they haven’t really shown loyalty to their team. Barkley called Heat fans “worst fans” in 2011 during a radio interview.

Now, the former Philadelphia 76ers star and TNT analysts went a step forward and commented on LeBron James. He said that the King should have stayed in Cleveland, even if he didn’t get any rings there. He presented himself as an example. Barkley has never won a championship ring, but as he said he is considered as successful. He considers himself as successful. So, even if LeBron stayed in Cleveland and he didn’t get a ring, he would still be considered as successful, according to Barkley. He is no better right now that he is in Miami.

The truth is that LeBron has found supreme success in South Beach. He is improving his numbers season-by-season. He has won two rings in his first three years in Miami and the Heat are one of the strongest favorites to win the championship this season, too. He is a part of a great organization, who is helping him get what he wants, wins. He is playing alongside his buddy, Dwyane Wade and along with a bunch of other significant players like Chris Bosh and Ray Allen. Erik Spoelstra has found constructed a plan that utilizes LeBron’s strengths in the best way and Pat Riley has done his job adding the pieces that would make the Heat a reigning dynasty. What else could LeBron ask? How could he be happier? Would things be better for him if he stayed in Cleveland?

The truth is that if James stayed with the Cavaliers, he would be the idol of the entire city. Cleveland already loved him. The fans were crazy about having him onboard. No matter if he won any titles or not, the fans would be loyal to him and they would continue to fill the Quicken Loans Arena to watch him.

On the contrary, as Barkley pointed out, the fans in Miami don’t show this devotion to LeBron and their team. They come in the American Airlines Arena late, they leave early. They even exited the arena during the NBA Finals last season against the San Antonio Spurs, when the Heat managed to turn things around in the last minutes.

Those are the reasons Barkley believes LeBron should return to the Cavs. It seems like James means much more to the fans there than he means for Heat fans. LeBron will have the option to opt-out of his contract this summer and there are some chances he chooses to depart from Miami, with Cleveland being a potential destination.

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