Carmelo Anthony and the Los Angeles Clippers

MeloCarmelo Anthony and the Los Angeles Clippers

The New York Knicks might eventually be forced to trade Carmelo Anthony. At present, that seems like a reasonable choice, cause if they don’t they might actually risk losing him during the summer for nothing. Anthony has a $23.3 million player option for next season but there are many chances he chooses to opt out. Amongst all the other teams that are rumored to have interest in the 29-year old superstar, the Los Angeles Clippers are starting to get some ground.

At the first glance, the Clips might sound like a weird partner for a deal with the New York Knicks. That’s because there are other teams, like the Los Angeles Lakers, who would possibly make more sense for Melo to join. If Anthony joins the Lakers, he is expected to be the next big thing in LA, the superstar who will carry the team to the post Kobe Bryant era.

However, the Lakers have a few assets to offer to New York in return for Melo and the best option for them is to chase him during the summer free-agency, assuming he doesn’t pick up his option.

The Clippers on the other hand do have lots of assets in their roster. That’s why they could actually come to an agreement with New York and initiate a trade. Carmelo would be more than happy to join an emerging organization like the Clippers and play alongside his fellow superstar Chris Paul. In addition, the presence of Head Coach Doc Rivers is only a plus in this scenario.

Nonetheless, in that cases, the Clips would have to give away a valuable asset, which would most probably be Blake Griffin. Whilst this will be a very tough decision for the team’s owner, Donald Sterling to take, it might be the only way the Clippers finally make it to the highest level.

Of course, Griffin is playing exceptionally well this season, putting up huge numbers and in fact, recording the best season of his career. Nonetheless, up to this stage, he hasn’t really proved that he can deliver for LA when it matters the most, during the playoffs, where exactly the team needs him.

As it’s now clearly exposed, Carmelo Anthony is not happy with the situation in New York. Several times this season has he expressed his disappointment with his public statements. He knows probably better than anybody that it would be very difficult for the Knicks to become competitive during the next couple of seasons, maybe a little more. And of course, which superstar does want to waste his prime playing for a team which has little to no chances of contending for a title?

As LeBron James and Dwight Howard vividly proved, money is not the No.1 goal for some players in the league. Carmelo Anthony might be yet another player who shares this opinion. His time in New York is certainly coming to an end. The Knicks should play it smart and at least not lose everything from his departure.

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