Carlos Boozer might end up with the Phoenix Suns

Carlos BoozerCarlos Boozer might end up with the Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns are expected to make some moves by the trade deadline. The Suns have a bunch of draft picks they have officially stated that they are willing to trade one or more of them away if they find the right deal. Up to now, several players have been linked with the Suns. One more player that could be in Phoenix’s targets is Carlos Boozer.

The Chicago Bulls are rumored to be amnestying Boozer this summer, in a step towards rebuilding around Derrick Rose. The Bulls have seen Taj Gibson emerging as a great contributor as of lately. In fact, Gibson has placed his name in the Sixth Man of the Year discussions thanks to his great performance. That gives yet another reason to Chicago to want to get rid of Boozer’s fat contract. But instead of just amnestying him this summer, the Bulls could act smart and get something out of him by trading him away.

It’s still unknown what the Suns will be willing to give away in order to acquire Boozer. The Bulls would ideally get a draft pick in exchange. The 2014 draft class is projected to be one of the best of the last decades, so even a pick somewhere in the middle of the first round could give the Bulls a potential superstar.

On the other hand, the Suns are targeting towards a solid course during the playoffs this season. That’s why they would happily use a proven veteran like Boozer in their frontcourt. Whilst Carlos Boozer is not performing really well this season, he is indeed a valuable piece for any team. In a new environment like Phoenix, he could start fresh and help the team move forward with his playoff experience.

Of course, the Phoenix Suns are reportedly interested in Pau Gasol, too. So it will come down to which team manages to agree on a deal with the Suns in order to acquire those desired draft picks. The Suns will most probably also trade away Emeka Okafor. The big man has not played in a single game this season and the Suns will most probably trade him by the February 20 deadline.

The Suns need some bulk and size in their front line. They also need a veteran presence to help the team’s young players grow. A player like Boozer or Pau Gasol would be essential pieces for the Suns come playoff time.

At the moment, the Carlos Boozer trade scenario seems to be a win-win situation. The Bulls are either way eager to getting rid of Boozer while the Suns want to add a proven star to assist them in their playoff push this season. If such a deal gets sealed, it has to happen in the next few days. We are just nine days before the trade deadline.

One way or another, the Phoenix Suns can be expected to agree on a trade by February 20 because there simply is no reason why they shouldn’t.

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