Are the Brooklyn Nets shopping Deron Williams?

Deron WilliamsAre the Brooklyn Nets shopping Deron Williams?

The Brooklyn Nets and especially the owners of the team should not be feeling satisfied with the course of the team up to now in the season. The Nets are the most expensive team in the league only team with a payroll over $100 million. The 18-22 record as we approach the end of the first half of the season is certainly not what the Nets expected. That’s why the team is reportedly considering trading its superstar point guard Deron Williams away.

Such a move of course should be thought twice by the Nets. Williams is an essential member of the Nets and when healthy, he is a player who can certainly take the team to the next level. Nonetheless, there are some rumors that want him getting shipped to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin.

At first, such a deal seems to work perfectly for both sides. The Nets will acquire a proven center to fill in for the done-for-the-season Brook Lopez. Asik will come to provide size and bulk inside and improve the team’s defense against opposing centers. In addition, Jeremy Lin could easily defend the starting point guard position for Brooklyn. Together with Shaun Livingston he could be a very capable and reliable point guard duo.

However, both Lin and Asik have a huge salary for the 2014-2015, which could be a big reason why the Nets won’t be willing to accept such a deal. Asik and Lin are owed $14.9 each next season and they would mostly be a heavy burden for the Nets rather than valuable pieces. And if Asik can be considered as very useful for this season, now that Lopez is out, what happens next year? The Nets will be just trying to find ways to trade him away, like the Rockets are currently doing.

Of course, it would be interesting to see Jeremy Lin getting back to New York City, this time wearing the Nets uniform. He is a player with potential and he could be a good fit alongside stars like Joe Johnson, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. His playing style and his penetrating skills could complement the strengths of his teammates in Brooklyn. Nonetheless, the Nets might just be able to find someone better for that money. Or they could just stay with Deron Williams.

After all, the Nets have been playing very well as of lately. Now that the team is gradually building chemistry and despite Lopez’s absence, the Nets are finally winning games. In fact, during the month of January, they have recorded eight victories and just one loss. On top of that, role players like Andray Blatche and Shaun Livingston have improved their respective performances.

From as it seems now, the Brooklyn Nets might want to wait before performing a star trade, which would certainly shake things up. Jason Kidd’s group is just now starting to get things clicking. With a big move like the Williams-Asik-Lin trade, the Nets would risk losing some of their built chemistry.

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  1. Cory Nope says:

    Your article is inaccurate. Lin and Asik only count as $8-$9 million CAP HITS. Granted, theyre owed $15- but thats nothing to Count Prokhorov. The Nets would then be wise to shop Garnett, Pierce, and Terry around to contenders for draft picks in '14.

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