Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams

Brandon Bass drawing interest from three teams

The Boston Celtics have been shaking things up within their team this season. Danny Ainge has been very aggressive with trading players away and that has put an “available” tag to almost any player from the C’s as of lately. One of the players that is reportedly drawing much interest from some teams around the league is forward Brandon Bass.

The 28-year old veteran is linked to the Charlotte Bobcats, the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors. Since his arrival to Boston through a trade with the Orlando Magic, Brandon Bass quickly emerged as a solid contributor for the Celtics. He has been a starter for the most part of his tenure with the Celtics and although he had some ups and downs he has had a very good overall performance for the C’s.

This season, Bass is averaging 10.8 points per contest to go along with 5.8 rebounds and one block and he is shooting 47.8 percent from the floor. Although he had some even better seasons two or three years back in his career, he still is a valuable piece for the Celtics and also a good asset. He could be a good fit for a playoff team on its way to a better course in the postseason.

If the Golden State Warriors decide to trade for him, they would see an instant upgrade in their bench production, which has been abysmal this season. The Warriors have some needs in their reserves’ front line and Bass could provide some quality minutes off the bench during the postseason. On the other hand, the Charlotte Bobcats are also eying a solid course in the playoffs this season. There might be some even better players for Charlotte to chase by the February 20 deadline.

Nonetheless, if they don’t manage to find anything of a better quality, they could target Bass. The Phoenix Suns have been linked to several players around the league as of lately. The bunch of draft picks the team possesses gives it the chance to be very flexible during this pre-trade deadline period. The Suns are expected to make a move but they mainly focus on impact players, who could help the team have a successful postseason.

Pau Gasol and Rudy Gay are the two biggest names that are on the table for the Suns, according to the latest reports. However, if Phoenix doesn’t manage to seal a deal for either of the two stars, they could point their interest towards Brandon Bass.

The Boston Celtics can be expected to be positive on a possibility of trading Bass away. In fact, the C’s have also been rumored to be searching for the right deals, which they want done by February 20. Boston could end up receiving a nice asset for its rebuilding process out of a Brandon Bass deal. Certainly, Bass is not an elite power forward but he is serviceable and he could have value to some contending teams.

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