The Boston Celtics are reportedly interested in Gordon Hayward

Gordon HaywardThe Boston Celtics are reportedly interested in Gordon Hayward

The Boston Celtics have been involved in a bunch of trade discussions and rumors as of lately. Most of them revolve around superstar point guard. One of the players the C’s are reportedly interested in s 23-year old guard Gordon Hayward from the Utah Jazz. Hayward has been linked with several teams around the league as of lately and the Boston Celtics are the latest ones in the rumor mix.

Gordon Hayward has been assigned with more minutes and a bigger role for the Utah Jazz this season, in comparison to the previous seasons. As a result, he is averaging career-best numbers in a bunch of stats categories. The 6’8” Butler product is averaging 17.1 points per contest to go along with 5.4 rebounds and 4.9 assists, all above his career-averages. He is also shooting 41.5 percent from the floor.

Hayward has a connection with the Head Coach of the Boston Celtics, Brad Stevens, as they both spent some time together in Butler. It’s still unclear if the C’s would initiate a trade for him before the February trade deadline or they will wait to sign him through free-agency this summer. In case the Celtics want to acquire him through a trade, it’s almost certain that they will have to pay a big price. Due to the increase in his performance, Hayward’s value has also gone up and there is a bunch of teams interested in his talents. In the case of a trade, the Boston Celtics would have to start negotiating throwing a first-round pick on the table.

Gordon Hayward will be a restricted free-agent this summer and there are big chances the Utah Jazz match any qualifying offer, as soon as it doesn’t reach extreme rates. For a team that currently ranks last in the Western Conference, the last thing that it would like would be to just see one of their most valuable assets walk away. At least the Jazz would like to trade Hayward away and receive something in return.

The fact that Hayward is a restricted free-agent might be a good reason for the Boston Celtics to make their move sooner than later. Because if they choose to wait until the summer, the emerging guard might get out of reach.

If Gordon Hayward comes to Boston this means Avery Bradley will most probably become expendable. Of course, Hayward can be fairly considered an upgrade to Bradley, especially on the offensive end. Bradley will also be a restricted free-agent this summer and in fact, the Boston Celtics could pack him in the deal with the Jazz. However, it’s unlikely that a Bradley-for-Hayward trade would get accepted by Utah. The Celtics would have to offer something more than that.

The certain fact is that the Boston Celtics are now available for trade discussions and significant moves. Although they haven’t yet seen then actively shop Rajon Rondo, their latest move of trading away Courtney Lee for Jarryd Bayless shows that the C’s are willing to stay active.

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