Blake Griffin is now a top 10 fantasy basketball player

Blake GriffinBlake Griffin is now a top 10 fantasy basketball player

Blake Griffin has been under the scope since he first entered the league. Huge expectations followed his first overall selection by the Los Angeles Clippers back in 2009. However, due to an injury, Griffin was forced to stay out for his entire rookie season and it wasn’t before the 2010-2011 campaign when he made his debut in the league. Since then, he has been a big factor in the radical transformation the Los Angeles Clippers franchise has seen but he has also been a subject of heavy criticism. He has been accused for failing to when it matters the most, during the playoffs. Those critics were not, in fact, wrong when they stated that Griffin is “soft” or doesn’t have the ability to be a top power forward in the league. However, this season, things have changed.

Blake Griffin is playing like a different, a more mature player. He has been putting up superb performances and he has emerged as the true leader of the Clippers franchise. LA rode Griffin’s shoulders during the time Chris Paul stayed out with a shoulder injury earlier this season. Apart from his devastating dunks and his high flying, Blake Griffin showed some more aspects of his game this season, aspects we have never seen up to now.

The presence of Doc Rivers at the Head Coach position has certainly benefited Griffin, in almost any part of his game. The entire Clippers team is playing with more discipline right now. The Clips have cut down on their turnovers and they seem to be wiser with their choices on both ends of the floor. Griffin has also been greatly benefited by all those changes and the results are shown also in his stats for this season up to this point.

Griffin is now considered a top three power forward in the league and some even rate him as the best power forward in the NBA. The certain thing is that Griffin has made lots of fantasy owners smile with his performance this season. Griffin has been actually playing better than expected. He is averaging 24.2 PPG, 9.8 RPG, 3.5 APG, 53.2 FG% and 70 FT%. Most of his numbers are above career-averages and the most significance improvement has been on his free-throw shooting and his scoring, at least fantasy-wise. Griffin is now considered one of the best fantasy options for any fantasy team and together with Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge, he is arguably the best selection for your fantasy team at the power forward spot.

Although Griffin was simply terrific during the time CP3 was out, he has continued to play well even after the superstar point guard returned. In fact, in the Clippers’ last five games, Griffin is averaging 22.6 PPG, 9.0 RPG, 3.0 APG, 45.6 FG% and 66.7 FT%. Paul’s presence seems to be beneficiary for Griffin. After all, the two of them have built a great chemistry and Paul can easily find his fellow superstar easily in his comfort zones. So it’s becoming clear that Griffin was and continues to be at the top of his game. He has actually matured and also improved as a player since the end of the previous season and the early, first-leg exit in the playoffs. Griffin did not perform well at that time. He was soft and he reminded nothing of the player he used to be during the regular season. So critics did have a reason to accuse him for softness and also for lack of leadership to this Clippers team. After all, the Los Angeles Clippers had and they continue to have one goal, to win the championship. How could they even contend for the Larry O’Brien trophy if they didn’t get some solid performances from Griffin?

This season, things are looking better than even in LA. The Clippers are considered as one of the best teams in the Western Conference. Especially after their latest additions of Glen Davis and Danny Granger, the Clippers are now considered to be the best team in the West or slightly worse than the Oklahoma City Thunder. Blake Griffin’s contribution has been a big reason why the Clips have gained odds to win the title in the West. In fact, Davis’s addition will certainly help Griffin with his game. Now, Doc Rivers will have another reliable option in his frontline, coming off the bench. This will take some pressure off of Griffin and it will most probably help him play even better.

It’s still unknown if Griffin will be able to sustain his top level of performance for the playoffs, too. The certain fact is that he is playing better than he has ever done up to now in his career. And this is not projected to change at least until the end of the regular season. Hopefully, he can follow the same pace and be productive come playoff time. Until then, he is projected to continue making fantasy owners who have him in their respective teams happy with his contributions.

What has been surprising is that we’ve seen Griffin playing well when he wasn’t not expected to. He has added new moves into his game, he has drastically improved his mid-range shooting and also his free-throw shooting. He has also been a big factor during crucial games, against the league’s elite teams. That’s yet another reason Clippers fans can stay optimistic that Griffin will be productive in the postseason.

Fantasy owners should trust him at a full scale till the end of the season. As long as he stays healthy, Griffin will continue to put up big numbers and make the difference in your fantasy team. Those who risked and decided to draft him for their team are now being rewarded. In fact, Griffin can be considered as one of the most over-performing superstars this season. It’s really amazing what a change in the Head Coaching position can do to a player and also a team.

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