Atlanta Hawks interested in acquiring Jeff Green

Jeff GreenAtlanta Hawks interested in acquiring Jeff Green

Lots of reports as of lately state that the Boston Celtics are willing to shop Jeff Green. Apparently, Danny Ainge’s will to radically rebuild the team didn’t stop to the trade of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. A team which has shown some interest in acquiring Green is the Atlanta Hawks, who would happily see an upgrade at their small forward position, the one that Green would offer to the team.

Of course, Atlanta will have to offer something in exchange for the energetic 27-year old forward. Green has been playing very well this season for the C’s, putting up a 16.3 points per contest go along with 5.0 rebounds and 1.7 assists. He is also shooting with decent rates, 41.8 percent from the field and 36.7 percent from downtown. So what would the Hawks have to offer to Boston in order to acquire him?

Some reports state that a package around DeMarre Carroll would be enough for the Celtics to accept. The Hawks could also include Elton Brand in that package to match the salaries. Nonetheless, it seems doubtable if the Celtics would be willing to give one of their last assets for such a low price.

Although Carroll is averaging a career-high 10.4 points per game this season and he is also putting up numbers above his career averages in a bunch of categories, it’s highly doubtable if the Celtics would be tempted by such a deal. Boston is mainly focusing on the future so what the team would most probably want is draft picks or young, emerging players who can be main pieces of the rebuilding process that takes place in Boston.

On the other hand, if the Hawks add Elton Brand in the deal, this would most probably happen in order to match the salaries. Brand has an expiring contract and he could have little use for the C’s. So one has to wonder why the Celtics would be willing to just be the salary dumpers in this case. It’s obvious that Green is a much better player than Carroll. In fact, the Celtics could score much better with a potential trade for Green. The Hawks could possibly throw in a draft pick to sweeten the pot and only then the trade would make sense for Danny Ainge.

Of course, the Atlanta Hawks seem to be the winners in this trade. Atlanta has some chances to record a solid run during the playoffs this season and the addition of a player like Jeff Green will only increase the team’s chances to do better. Green could also be a great fit alongside Paul Millsap. Both of them are powerful players, who can find their shots from close but also from mid-range. Green can also knock down the three.

Jeff Green has two more seasons left in his contract, with the last one being a player option. So the 27-year old veteran can be considered as a great piece in the Hawks’ puzzle for next season, when Al Horford will be back, too.

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