Is Andrew Wiggins still a lock for the No.1 spot in the 2014 Draft?

Andrew WigginsIs Andrew Wiggins still a lock for the No.1 spot in the 2014 Draft?

The 2014 Draft Class is considered by lots of analysts as one of the most star-loaded ones in decades. After the monumental 2003 class which included megastars like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade, this summer we should expect big things. One of the top candidates for the No.1 overall spot in the 2014 NBA Draft is Andrew Wiggins. Nonetheless, as of lately he has started to lose some ground and that’s mostly because of the heavy competition. Could he sustain his spot?

Apparently, as of lately, there have been several changes in the rankings. That’s because there are several player who are pushing hard for the top seed and their performances allow them to believe they can make it.

Except for Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid from Duke as well as Julius Randle have all uplifted their performances. They are putting up big numbers and they are placing their names deeply in the discussions around the first overall pick of the next NBA Draft.

Now, don’t get things wrong. Andrew Wiggins is still one of the top candidates, too. He is a supreme athlete, he is putting up great numbers, 15.9 points per game and 47 percent shooting from the field. Nonetheless, his production and efficiency on offense might get overshadowed by the dominant performances from the rest of the candidates.

It’s true that Wiggins has a few flaws on his game. During some stretches of the game, Wiggins doesn’t produce much of an offense. On the contrary, Julius Randle and Jabari Parker seem to be delivering with more consistency. On top of that, the times when Wiggins catches fire are less than the ones Parker or Randle did up to this point of the season.

Of course, things are still fluid. There is no clear indication who the first overall pick will be. But that’s exactly why Andrew Wiggins should stay alert. The level of the prospects coming into the NBA is so high that everything can easily change.

At present, the No.1 for Wiggins should be to further improve his game and make an even bigger impact to Kansas team. If he wants to stand out of the competition he will have to give a reason to all the general managers around the league to believe he is worth their trust.

The truth is that Wiggins and Parker look like they have similar potential. Both of them are expected to emerge as superstars in the league. Both of them are close to each other. And that’s why there might be no good reason for the team that will hold the No.1 pick next season to select Wiggins instead of Parker.

This race to the top is projected to be really interesting. Competition is always good for the fans watching at home. It forces the competitors to push harder and harder in order to achieve better things. That’s exactly what’s happening with the case of Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle and Joel Embiid.

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