Andrew Bynum could be involved in a three-team deal

Andrew BynumAndrew Bynum could be involved in a three-team deal

The Cleveland Cavaliers are still searching for a way to trade away Andrew Bynum. The rumor mill is still revolving and lots of different scenarios are being examined by the Cavs’ management team. A trade scenario that would benefit the Cleveland Cavaliers but also the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls.

Those three teams could get involved in a trade that would include a bunch of players and would benefit each team in different ways. The trade that has been reportedly discussed would send both Pau Gasol and Luol Deng to Cleveland. One could now wonder, is that possible? Well, on paper, it is.

More specifically, the Cavs would receive the two expiring contracts of Pau Gasol and Deng, together with the much smaller contracts of Robert Sacre and Erik Murphy. Gasol is in the books for $19.2 million this season while Deng will earn $14.3 million in total by the end of the 2013-2014 season.

On the other hand, the Los Angeles Lakers will acquire Kirk Hinrich from the Chicago Bulls, who has a $4.1 million contract along with Alonzo Gee, who has two years left in his contract and $6.2 million, with the second year non-guaranteed. The Lakers will also receive Tyler Zeller and finally Andrew Bynum, whom they will most probably waive.

Finally, the Chicago Bulls will land Dion Waiters, who has three years left in his contract and $13 million, Earl Clark, who has two years more in his contract and $8.5 million and finally C.J. Miles.

Of course, there are some details that need to be carefully examined by all three teams, with the most significant one being the fact that some of those players have non-guaranteed contracts for this one and also the next season. In addition, all three teams will have to see if how those pieces could fit in their respective rosters and rotations.

Andrew Bynum’s case is unique at the moment. And that’s not mainly because of his past good performances or his potentials. Of course, this is a big part of his value and his essence to the teams that are interested in acquiring him. But the most important fact is that he can offer salary cap and luxury tax relief to teams like the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers. In addition, under the new CBA, the luxury tax penalties add up for repeaters, so now Bynum seems like a much more interesting target for them. This is because the Lakers could choose to just drop this current season and put their focus on getting ready and competitive for the next season.

This three-team deal seems like it will work for all parties involved. The Bulls will acquire significant members, while also not risk losing Deng without getting anything in return. Dion Waiters could end up emerging as the next big thing in Chicago.

The Lakers will finally get rid of Pau Gasol, a player have been thinking of moving for quite some time now, while at the same time they will acquire a young asset and also save millions in luxury tax.

Finally, the Cavs will receive a superstar and a former superstar, who has many chances of elevating his game once again in a new environment and with a young and promising roster on his side.

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  1. If any part of this trade with Gasol involved and especially the basket cased, Bynum it means the Lakers have given up this season?? Don't do it Lakers, don't become a comedy of errors, stay with Gasol and play to win, not to lose as you will with all the players you will get in this much rumored trade!!

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