Knowing your Location Well to Find your Ideal Working Space

Your dental office location plays an important role in the success of your dental practice. In fact, choosing the wrong location or workspace can even undermine the growth of even the best and experienced dental practices.

If you want to find medical office space in Washington DC or VA, then you are starting a new day in your dental practice. But just like in other areas, keep in mind essential factors that you need to consider.

1. Start by finding the right Location

One good start when choosing an office space is finding an ideal location. People should find your location easily and it should be accessible from major highways. Also, your location should be identified with signage so people can find your office space easily.

If you offer a specialized and high-end practice, make it sure that your address is attractive to your target clients. Refer to demographics can be your guide to determine if your practice is suitable in your neighborhood.

When you practice a specialized dental care, it’s a good idea to find a place to position your dental practice closer to other general dentists to get some referrals. Your office distance should also be considered. Know the time you’re willing to travel in going to work every day.

2. Measure the level of Competition

Working in an area located near other dentists is inevitable. But you can actually find some locations with low dentist-to-patient ratios. If there are fewer dentists to the total number of patients, then you may consider it as a good location. Knowing the ratio in your area will help you make a wiser decision.

3. Consider the size of your Office Space

It is worth celebrating to have your practice grow quickly. But it also means that you need to have additional space to handle the increasing demand. For now, with your restricted budget, you may choose a smaller office. But when you need to expand and you are in a smaller office space right now, your option is to move to a bigger location. If possible, choose a space with enough room to cater your practice needs today and in the future.

4. Check Layout and Design

Have a critical evaluation of the office layout and design. Check your office size and location. These may include the treatment rooms, reception area, private offices and more. Your office layout is important to help you in patient flow management and in organizing your space.

5. Consider the Traffic in your neighborhood

According to some studies, dentists usually ignore traffic as an important factor in choosing a location. Generally, the total of cars needed to consider a place as a retail location is 40,000 or more. While traffic is something everyone hates, it makes things slower and increasing more visibility to your office space.

Check out your neighborhood and its accessibility and visibility. Consider the following things:

• Look for near major highway or intersection.

• Check for adequate parking

• Find near successful businesses and popular shopping areas

• Check if it’s a high traffic area

6. Know your Budget. Consider Affordability

Price should be one of your priorities. Ask the property price per square foot. Then examine other factors like location and amenities and decide which matters to you. When you want to have a rental space, it’s also important to consult your landlord regarding your rental fee. Check if your rental fee will increase when the location becomes more popular in the future.

Are you ready for Expansion?

Now, when you’ve made up your mind to expand or move to a new location, you need to make a great plan and a well-informed decision. Always consider serving your patients effectively by considering the following factors.

• Location

Again let’s go back to the location. In addition to your budget, your location is a major factor in expansion. Naturally, dentists prefer highly visible spaces to get more clients. You need to think carefully when you are exploring a new market and renting prime office space. It would be the biggest decision you could make.

• Cash Flow

As much as you want to invest in some equipment in your office, you should always think about how you can make your money back. Making your office more appealing and more professional is a good idea. But you need higher costs for new equipment even your current equipment are still in good condition.

• Purchasing an existing practice

When it comes to buying existing practice, you need to make sure to have a smooth transition with the previous dentists. The first step to do is check out the financial aspect of the existing practice. Do you want to make improvements?

Check their profit, operational expenses and loss statements.

Though you are buying an existing practice, you don’t need to use the same supplier. You may switch to your preferred supplier if that is financially wise. Perhaps, using their lab will save you more money than making your own. The same applies to retaining the existing staff or having your own as you move to a new location.

• Invest to Gain Referrals

Make your website more appealing to your clients. Why not take advantage of online marketing, social media and SEO? Make your customer’s experience pleasant and memorable. That experience will encourage them to refer your dental business to their friends and families.

• Hiring more staff

To decide how many staff would you hire depends on your needs and budget. When your working team is not enough to do the required tasks and operations, you are killing your staff with overwork. A bigger staff also needs a bigger budget for salary. Plus it’s hard to manage.

To make adjustments, it’s a good option to hire part-time and hourly employees for the meantime. If you need to scale up your workforce, you can offer them a full-time position.

• Purchasing real estate

When you decide to expand, you may consider purchasing a property. One of the most profitable investments you can do is to own a real estate. It’s also self-sufficient for your practice. Rental fees may increase for the coming years and if leasing an office space is your option, you should be ready for it. Owning your own property allows you to control your costs and if it’s big enough, you can lease it out to other practice.

Seek professional help

We know that looking for a workspace is none of your expertise. After all, there are real estate agents who are much knowledgeable of the market and properties. They can help you a find Dental Office Space in VA that could be the best place for your practice. Look for companies that work with dental industry. They can offer a wide range of services such as office space locating and management services.

These real estate professionals will do all the job of finding you a perfect workspace. They consider all the essential factors and can give you expert advice.